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James Holman (Holdman, Holeman)
Born: about 1814 in Kentucky
Died: after 1880


James Holman (Holeman, Holdman, Holdam), born about 1814 in Garrard County, Kentucky, is the earliest documented ancestor in our Holman family tree. He lived on the border of three Kentucky counties: Lincoln, Garrard, and Rockcastle. [His son, Thomas, in his marriage bond said that his mother and father were born in Garrard County.]

On June 4, 1835 in Garrard County, Kentucky, James Holman was married to Martha "Patsy" Ramsey, the daughter of Alexander Ramsey, by Baptist minister Benjamin Polston. 

Holman-Ramsey marriage records from the Garrard County Courthouse:




Alexander Ramsey, the father of Martha Ramsey, was a resident of Garrard County, Kentucky in the US Census of 1820-1830-1840-1850-1860. (Copy of 1812 marriage record for Alexander Ramsey and Nancy Nelson from Garrard County Courthouse)



Garrard County Order Book # ?, page 12
Ordered that Alexander Ramsey be appd surveyor of the road from Gilberts Creek to Taylors Branch & that he with the hands to be allotted keep the same in repair as the law directs & it is further ordered that Jas George late surveyor thereof allot the hands to work thereon. [Note: Ansel George, the son of James George married Mary Ramsey, the daughter of Alexander Ramsey.]




Alexander Ramsey estate settlement
Garrard County Kentucky Will Book R, page 505 
December Term 1869 (27)
January Term 1870 again produced and orders to be recorded W H Whemitt, clerk

Inventory and Appraisal by William McCanley, F M Steger, H Hiatt on July 18 & 19, 1867 (household and farm items). Inventory and Appraisal recorded August 12, 1867 in Will Book R page 122

Allen Beagley, Administrator
Assets $802.55
Debits $570.03
Surplus $232.52

Tax Stamp Receipts for Estate Distribution from Allen Beagley:
Elizabeth Ann Perkins (and John Perkins) $29.06 July 7, 1868
Mary George (and Ansel George) $29.06 July 7, 1868
(Name not filled in) signed by James Hollman and Daniel Hollman $29.06 July 27, 1868
James Ramsey $29.06 July 27, 1868
Allen (Allex?) Ramsey $29.06 Oct 28, 1868
William J(?) Ramsey (by James Ramsey, atty in fact) $29.06 Nov 2, 1868
Johnson Ramsey (by James Ramsey) $29.06 Nov 2, 1868




Garrard County Kentucky deed entries 9014 and 9018 (Deed Book Z pages 3-6) covers the sale of 92 acres on Gilberts Creek (adjoining Allen Beasley, McCanley, and Harrison Hiatt) in Garrard County on November 18, 1867 by the heirs of Alexander Ramsey to Harrison Hiatt. Johnson Ramsey and his wife Nancy who were in Hancock County, Illinois gave their power of attorney (regarding his inheritance from his father Alexander Ramsey) to his brother Thomas Ramsey on September 28, 1867. The heirs of Alexander Ramsey were: Thomas Ramsey, Angeline Ramsey, Johnson Ramsey, Nancy Ramsey, Ansel George, Mary George, James Ramsey, Alexander Ramsey, James Holman, Martha F Holman, John Perkins, and Elizabeth Ann Perkins.



Alexander Ramsey is the son of Thomas Ramsey who fought in the Revolutionary war, and the nephew of Francis Alexander Ramsey who was in Lee's Legion (joined late 1779, discharged June 6, 1783). 





Alexander Ramsey (father of the Martha Ramsey who married James Holman) and some of his family are in the Lancaster Cemetery in Lancaster, Garrard County, Kentucky. 

Cemetery Records of Lancaster County 1857 1994
By Cecil Benjamin Arnold
Page 65
Name             Section, Lot, Grave      Birth        Death
George, Charlotte   8-4-2             26 Nov 1817    13 June 1885
George, James H    8-4-3              9 Aug 1887     15 Dec 1888
George, Mary Ramsey   8-4-4      25 Apr 1830    10 Aug 1901
George, Ansel        8-4-5             13 Sep 1833     19 Feb 1914
(Union Soldier 7th Ky Cavalry)
Ramsey, Mary        8-4-11           17 May 1791    25 May 1866
Ramsey, Alexander 8-4-12           6 Aug 1783      1 July 1867
Ramsey, Alexander 8-4-13           30 Jan 1828      12 Nov 1870




Descendants of Thomas Ramsey (father of Alexander Ramsey)



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