The Carson Family

From Washington County, Virginia 
To Rockcastle County, Kentucky
To Jellico, Tennessee
To Davie, Broward County, Florida


William David Griffin 
Born: August 23, 1857 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky.
Died: January 4, 1940 in Davie, Broward County, Florida

William David Griffin (known as David) was born on August 23, 1857 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. He was the oldest of the nine children born to John Nelson Griffin (known as Nelson) and his first wife Mary Owens, born May 14, 1838 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky (the grand daughter of David Owen and Winefred Mullins).

On November 8, 1877 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, William David Griffin married Sarah Frances Owens, born July 1, 1858, in Rockcastle County, Kentucky (the great grand daughter of David Owen and Winefred Mullins). 

Shortly after the 1910 Census for Jellico, Tennessee was taken (April 16, 1910) William David Carson relocated his family to Davie, Florida. (The John Ashley Griffin, the Stephen Green Carson, and the Thomas Newman Holman households remained in Jellico.) 

Notes from "Davie Florida - The Way It Was Seventy Years Ago" by Audry Sullivan, abstracted from 1914 articles in the "Miami Metropolis" 
In 1905 Florida Governor N. B. Broward announced his plans to drain part of the Everglades.
The Davie farm (2,000 acres) and 25,500 additional acres known as the Royal Glade tract was subdivided into ten acre lots and advertised throughout the US and in the Panama Canal Zone as "cheap land." This became Davie, Florida.
The first settlers arrived in 1909/1910. Because many of the settlers were from the Panama Canal Zone, it was called Zona, the first town in the Everglades. Later, in 1914, the name was changed to Davie, Florida.

Notes from "The Davie Delimma" by Victoria Wagner:
The Griffin family is well known in the community and has given its name to one of the town's main roads, Griffin Rd. paralleling the South New River Canal through the center of town.
In 1909, due to appealing ads and enthusiastic salesmen, William David Griffin, a railroad man, moved from Kentucky with his wife Sally Frances and two sons, T. M. and William Alfred (Al). 
The elder Griffin farmed and the sons started a boat hauling business, picking up the farmers' produce, passenger and mail, and transporting them to Ft. Lauderdale. The produce was then shipped out by train to northern markets. On their return home, they brought groceries, mail, ice, animals, furniture, fertilizer, seed, farm implements, hampers and passengers, according to what had been ordered for the needs of the small settlement.

The 1920 Davie, Broward Co., Florida census lists William [David] Griffin (truck farmer), his wife Sarah F., their son Timeleon, and their ten-year-old grandson ______ Rammel. Also in the household were: William [Alfred] Griffin (carpenter), his wife Annie L. (born Panama) and their two daughters: Annie C. and Christina F.



William David Griffin (1857 - 1940) and Sarah Frances (Owens) Griffin (1858 1930)





William Alfred Griffin (1889 - 1937), John Ashley Griffin (1886 1921), Timoleon Melville Griffin (1878 - after 1920)





Adults: Sarah Frances Owens Griffin (1858 1930), John Ashley Griffin (1886 1921), Linnie Carson Griffin (1892 1946), Timoleon Melville Griffin (1878)
Children: John (Jack) Ashley Griffin (1913), Alene Griffin (1910), Timoleon Arthur Griffin (1908), Bill (Rammel) Griffin (1910) 




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