The Carson Family

From Washington County, Virginia 
To Rockcastle County, Kentucky
To Jellico, Tennessee
To Davie, Broward County, Florida



James Holman (Holdman, Holeman)
Born: about 1814 in Madison County, Kentucky
Died: about 1886 in Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, Kentucky

James Holman (Holdman, Holeman) was born about 1814 in Madison County, Kentucky. He lived in the area of Brodhead (Stigall's Stand) and Crab Orchard, Kentucky, which are on the border of three Kentucky counties: Lincoln, Garrard, and Rockcastle.

On June 4, 1835 in Garrard County, Kentucky, James Holman was married to Martha Ramsey, the daughter of Alexander Ramsey, by Baptist minister Benjamin Polston






The results of the DNA tests show that the descendant of James Holeman, b. 1814 is:

"very tightly related" to the descendant of the Daniel Holman who was born about 1787 in North Carolina, had children in Tennessee, and homesteaded in Douglas, Missouri;

"very tightly related" to the descendant of the Kenneth Holeman who died in 1871 in Upperfreehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey who is thought to be a descendant of Robert Holeman, died 1709 in New Jersey;

"related" to a descendant of the Elias Holeman (1759 - 1827, Burlington County, New Jersey); and

"related" to the descendants of Thomas Holeman, born about 1723, who moved from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia to North Carolina about 1750 and died in 1798 in Wilkes County, North Carolina.






There were four well-known Holman lines in Virginia: 


"New" Virginia (The Shenandoah Valley)

The Shenandoah Valley Holmans: "Old Daniel" Holman (and his brother, Thomas Holman) who lived opposite one another on Holman's Creek.
* Thomas Holman, born about 1723 in Kent Co., Maryland, (son or nephew of "Old Daniel" Holman) who then relocated from Shenandoah Co., Virginia to Wilkes Co., North Carolina.
* Isaac Holeman of Davie County, North Carolina who many Holman Family researchers believe is the son of "Old Daniel" Holman.


"Old" Virginia (East of the Blue Ridge Mountains)

1. Captain James Holman (died 1759) and his brother Henry Holman of James River, Henrico County, Virginia. [See Logan County, Kentucky]

2. William Holeman (1658-after 1695) and his wife Ann Tandy of Goochland County, Virginia

3. Christopher Hollyman (Holleman, Holliman) who resided in Isle of Wight County, Virginia and died there in 1691






A possible explanation for the North Carolina/New Jersey connection is a suggestion (proposed by Holman researcher Randy Holman Schmidt) - the Shenandoah, Virginia Holemans who relocated to North Carolina may be descendants of the New Jersey Holemans. Randy Holman Schmidt has raised the possibility that two of the sons of Robert Holeman (Daniel b. 1689 and Thomas b. 1686) of New Jersey are in fact "Old Daniel" Holman and his brother Thomas Holman who first moved from New Jersey to Kent County, Maryland, and then to Shenandoah, Virginia. Daniel and Thomas Holeman of Virginia lived opposite one another on Holman's Creek. (See Wine Book, Life Along Holman's Creek.) One of them, probably Thomas, had a son named Thomas born in 1723 and he is the one who migrated to Wilkes County, North Carolina about 1750. 

Randy Holman Schmidt adopted a “Cluster” research approach, that is, start looking at circular pattern (within a county and then within a state) of in-laws, related and allied families, and neighbors. 

"Let it be known to the reader that whosoever starts research on Daniel Holeman of Shenandoah Co., VA who died in 1770, they will quickly realize they also must go to Kent Co., Maryland where Daniel’s older sons and daughters were supposedly born. As one searches for documents in Kent Co. one quickly realizes an Edward Holeman is present as well, and he and his family also play a part in this scenario. This assumption is justified if one reads "The Ancestry of Grafton Johnson" by Damaris Knobe and focuses on “The Holman branch” therein. This connection between both Holeman families is also given by both sides of the descendants of both Daniel and Edward Holeman as well as stated in the "History of Woodford County" [KY] by WM. E. Railey. For information on Edward Holeman and descendants please refer to Wm J. Uttermohlen’s "The Holman Family of Kent Co., MD and Woodford Co., KY: a preliminary study, Version #11." 

It is imperative that the reader realize that both Damaris Knobe and WM E. Railey have some definite errors, e.g., Railey reports that Daniel Holeman of Lincoln Co., Tennessee is the son of Thomas Holeman (d. 1798) of Surry, now Wilkes Co., North Carolina when in fact he is the son of Thomas’ brother, Isaac Holeman (d. 1808). This error is exacerbated when a DAR record is copied from it, and many descendants are led astray. The DAR record has National Number 699231 by a Mary Elba Holman Brown of Jacksonville, Texas, received for accounting on Jan 24 1986. It states that Ms. Brown is a descendant of Thomas Holeman (d. 1798), when in fact she is a descendant of Isaac Holeman's (d. 1808) son Daniel Holeman (1850-1838) and Nancy "Nannie" Saunders."

Randy Holman Schmidt decided to focus her "Cluster" approach on Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey and created a list of common surnames. She recognized that Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island play into this with the movement of descendants or possible family connections, but overall the concentration is on MD, VA, NJ. It is here, we have the main concentration of settlement with the exception of John Holman who settled in Dorchester Co., Massachusetts in 1623. The reason for John not being the focus of this area is that John’s ancestry and lineage is pretty well spelled out and anyone can get a copy of it from the “New England Register.” That is not to say John is not connected at some point. He could well be. We have just not found that link. 

Abraham, Wm, Ed             Thomas, John, James, Rich, Dan                 Robert, Thomas & Daniel 

    Maryland                                     Virginia                                               New Jersey

Holeman (All var. sp.)             Holeman (All. var sp. )                               Holeman (All var. sp.) 

Van Sant                                                                                                     Van Sant

Rue                                                                                                              Rue

Bergen                                     Bergen                                                         Bergen

Massie                                     Massie                                                         Massie

Johnson                                   Johnson                                                       Johnson

Thompson/Thomson               Thompson/Thomson                                   Thompson/Thomson

Cox (Cocke)                           Cox (Cocke)                                                Cox (Cocke)

Rutherford                              Rutherford                                                   Rutherford

White                                      White                                                          White

Moore                                     Moore                                                          Moore

Howard                                   Howard                                                       Howard

Cole                                        Cole                                                             Cole 

Collier                                     Collier                                                         Collier

Browne                                   Browne                                                       Browne 

Sanders                                   Sanders                                                       Sanders

Sunderland                              Sunderland                                                 Sunderland

Taylor                                     Taylor                                                         Taylor

Throckmorton                         Throckmorton                                             Throckmorton

Woolley                                   Woolley                                                     Woolley




Notes from:

The Holmans in America
concerning the descendants of Solaman Holman
Volume One
by David Emory Holman, M.D.

page xliii
Early Holmans in Virginia

* The earliest records found yet are a 1635 land grant to Thomas Holeman of James City County, Virginia.

* Unproven family tradition. Four Holman Brothers:
   ** sailed from England in 1607 (fleet of nine vessels with 500 people. Sea Venture got separated from others)
   ** spent one year in Bermuda Islands with Sir Thomas Gates who was to be Lieut. Gov. of Virginia.
   ** landed at Jamestown in 1610.

* James Holman of Goochland County 
   ** married Mrs. or Miss Sarah Woodward.
   ** land grant Feb 18, 1722
   ** granted state land patents (1722 - 1746) 2841 acres in Goochland County
   ** member of House of Burgesses (1736 - 1740)
   ** paid two tithables in 1835 [1735?]
   ** deeds 75 acres to wife Sarah (and Sarah, "his wife's eldest daughter") on June 4, 1742
   ** deeds 200 acres in Mannikintown on south side of James River to only son, James, in 1745
   ** funeral was preached June 12, 1759. (Planter and Gentleman)
   ** only son, James, married Jane and had seven children. He died before 1761.

* Henry Holman (brother of James) was in Goochland County in 1739. 
   ** Will probated Aug 19, 1740. Wife named Mourning. Children: William and Sarah

* William Woodward of James City County bought 100 acres near Sarah (Woodward) Holman in 1755

* Tandy Holman was in Goochland County in 1756. Will filed 1760 in Albemarle County, Virginia.






Descendants of Capt James Holeman

Capt James HOLEMAN b: 1667 in James River, Henrico Co., Virginia d: 1759
+Sarah WOODWARD b: 1678 in James River, Henrico Co., Virginia m: 1699 in St James Parrish, Goochland Co., Virginia d: 14 Oct 1774 in St James Parrish, Goochland Co., Virginia
1 James HOLEMAN b: 1715 in Goochland Co., Virginia d: 20 Nov 1761 in King William Parish, Cumberland, Virginia
   +Frances Jane BONDURANT b: 1717 in Goochland, Va m: 1730 d: 20 Nov 1777 in Powhatan, Virginia
............ 2 Henry HOLEMAN d: 1833 in Powhatan, Virginia
................ +Elizabeth Barbara BRANCH m: 03 Feb 1786 
............ 2 Mary HOLEMAN 
................ +Stephen WOODSON m: 1759 
............ 2 Sarah HOLEMAN b: in Cumberland Co., Virginia d: Bef. 1782
................ +Anthony MARTIN b: 26 Sep 1737 m: 21 Dec 1758 in Manakin, Goochland, Virginia d: 03 Jun 1805
............ 2 John HOLEMAN b: 25 Dec 1736 in Goochland County, Virginia d: 1837 in Hempstead Co.,, Arkansas [See Hardin County, Kentucky]
................ +Elizabeth BURTON b: 24 Sep 1738 in Goochland County, Virginia m: 20 May 1770 in Goochland County, Virginia d: 24 Sep 1828 in Arkansas
............ 2 Jean HOLEMAN b: 1740 in Manakin, Goochland Co., Virginia d: Bef. 1774 in Manakin, Goochland Co., Virginia
............ 2 William HOLEMAN b: 1742 in Manakin, Goochland, Virginia d: Aft. 1782 in Goochland County, Virginia
................ +Jean MARTIN 
............ *2nd Wife of William HOLEMAN: 
................ +Susannah THOMPSON m: 1762 
............ *3rd Wife of William HOLEMAN: 
................ +Becky WOODWARD m: 1776 in St. James Parrish, Goochland, VA 
............ 2 James HOLEMAN b: 1748 in Goochland County, Virginia d: 1823 in Goochland County, Virginia
................ +Sarah Ann MILLER b: 15 Oct 1747 in Goochland Co VA m: 30 Oct 1769 in King William Parish, Manakin, Virginia 
1 Susannah HOLEMAN b: 15 Aug 1721 in St. James Church, Northam Parish, Goochland, VA d: Bef. 04 Jun 1761 in Lickinghole Twp., Goochland, Virginia
   +Callum BAILEY b: 03 Nov 1720 in Henrico/Goochland, Virginia m: Abt. 1746 in Lickinghole Twp, St James Parish, Goochland, VA d: 09 Aug 1787 in Albermarle Co., VA.
............ 2 Callam Hollman BAILEY b: 01 Jan 1749 in Owens Creek, Louisa, VA d: 30 Dec 1842 in Glascow, Barren County, Kentucky
................ +Judith Ann GILLIAM b: 1761 in Virginia m: 25 Jul 1776 in Goochland County, Virginia d: 1830 in Barren Co., Kentucky


Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900
Name: John Holman
Pension Year: 1833
Application State: Arkansas
Applicant Designation: Survivor's Pension Application File
Archive Publication Number: M804
Archive Roll Number: 1312
Total Pages in Packet: 32
Source Information: Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.
Original data: Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files (NARA microfilm publication M804, 2,670 rolls). Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Record Group 15. National Archives, Washington, D.C.

United States of America
Territory of Arkansas County of Hempstead Sct.
Be it remembered that on the 12th day of October in the year of our Lord 1832 personally appeared in open Court before the Honorable Thomas P Eskridge one of the Judges of the Superior Court of the Territory of Arkansas aforesaid and sole Judge now sitting and presiding in the Circuit Court holden in and for the County of Hempstead aforesaid John Holman a resident of the County of Hempstead and Territory of Arkansas about ninety-six years old who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress of June the 7th 1832, to wit,
That from the best information in his possession, he was born on or about the twenty fifth day of December 1736 in Goochland County State of Virginia where he was raised and lived until he was about forty-two years old he then removed to North Carolina where he resided two or three years from thence he removed to Powell's Valley in the State of Virginia where he resided about two years thence he removed to Kentucky to a place called the Crab Orchard where he made to crops thence he removed down Kentucky to a place within 6 or 8 miles of Bairds town where he resided about seven years, thence he removed about twenty miles to a place called rough creek where he resided about twelve years, from thence he removed lower down towards a place called Hartford where he resided about eight years, from thence he removed West of the Mississippi River to a place called St. Michael where he resided about twelve years from thence he removed to Hempstead County Arkansas Territory now his present place of residence where he has resided upwards of seven years.
That from lapse of time he finds himself unable to state all the particulars that occurred during the revolutionary war.
That he entered the service of the United States in the latter part of the year 1777 as a militia man in the State of Virginia and belonged to a company of infantry commanded by Captain Stokely Tols, that he marched up the country about two hundred and fifty miles to someplace the name of which he does not recollect in the latter part of the year of 1777 or the early part of the year 1788 where he was employed in guarding prisoners that were surrendered by General Burgoyne for several months, that he served upwards of six months as a militia man and obtained a discharge of his Captain which is now lost or mislaid.

Time line:
Dec 25, 1736 Born in Goochland Co., Virginia
c. 1778 After the Revolution, he continued to live in Goochland County, Virginia for another year
c. 1779-1780 then moved to North Carolina for two or three years
c. 1780-1783 then moved to Powell's Valley, Virginia for about two years
c. 1783-1784 then to Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, Kentucky, where he raised two crops
c. 1785-1792 thence further down in Kentucky, within six or eight miles of Bairdstown, Nelson Co., Kentucky where he resided about seven years
c. 1793-1805 thence twenty miles further on to a place called Rough Creek, Hardin County, Kentucky where he resided about twelve years
c. 1806-1814 thence lower down to Hartford, Ohio County, Kentucky where he lived for eight years
c. 1815-1826 then crossed the Mississippi River to Saint Michaels Township, Madison County, Missouri, where he lived for twelve years
c. 1826 to Hempstead County, Arkansas

Veteran was pensioned at the rate of $20 per annum commencing March 4th, 1831, for service as a private for 6 months in the Virginia militia.

John Holman is buried in the Old Pioneer Cemetery (Old Washington State Park) in Hempstead County, Arkansas

Will of John Holman, Hempstead County [Arkansas] Court, 11 Feb 1837
Made 9 July 1833; Recorded 11 Feb 1837 , Hempstead County, Arkansas
In the name of God, Amen:
I, John Holman of the County of Hempstead and Territory of Arkansas being of sound and disposing mind and memory but in bad bodily health and calling to mind the frailty and uncertainty of human life, and being desirous of settling my worldly affairs after my death while I have strength and capacity to do so, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and making null and void all other last Wills and Testaments by me heretofore made, and first I commend my immortal being to him who gave it and my body to the earth to be buried with little expense or aslentation to my executors herein after named.
First: I will and bequeath that all my just debts be paid as soon after my death as possible.
Secondly: I will and bequeath that my negro man Charles aged about forty-five years be set free from the bonds of slavery, at my death.
Thirdly: I will and bequeath all my personal property to my daughter Judith Thompson.
For the purpose of conveying this my last will and testament into effect, I do hereby appoint Allen M. Oakley and David T. Witter as my executors. 
Witness my hand and seal this 9th day of July 1833.
Filed for Record in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court 11 Feb 1837 and duly recorded in Will Book A pages 142 and 143. 


Descendants of Henry Holeman (Brother of Capt James Holeman)

Henry HOLEMAN b: 1685 in James River, Henrico Co., Virginia d: Abt. 1740 in St James Parrish, Goochland Co., Virginia
+Mourning BOWLES b: 1685 in Virginia m: 1735 in St James Parrish, Goochland Co., Virginia d: 1752
..... 1 Nathaniel HOLEMAN b: 13 Mar 1736 in St James Parish, Goochland Co., Virginia d: Feb 1804 in St James Parish, Goochland Co., Virginia
......... +Ann WINN b: 1734 in Gwennap, Cornwall, England m: 1760 d: 1783
............ 2 Nathaniel HOLEMAN, Jr b: 1761 in Henrico Co., Virginia d: Abt. 1813 in Hanover Co., Virginia
................ +Alice SNEAD b: 1761 in Henrico Co., Virginia d: 1791 (See Old Virginia Surnames)
............ 2 Sarah HOLEMAN b: 06 Jan 1762 in Henrico Co., Virginia d: 20 Dec 1803
................ +Thomas BOWLES m: Abt. 1782 
............ 2 Mary HOLEMAN b: 1764 in Henrico Co., Virginia 
................ +Rev Benjamin BOWLES 
............ 2 Mildred "Millie" HOLEMAN b: 1767 in Henrico Co., Virginia d: Abt. 1805
................ +William HUGHES m: 29 Aug 1789 
............ 2 Jane HOLEMAN b: 1769 in Henrico Co., Virginia 
................ +Jesse PURYEAR m: 01 Feb 1790 
............ 2 Keturah HOLEMAN b: 1772 in Henrico Co., Virginia 
................ +John WEBBER m: 05 Oct 1793 in Goochland Co., Virginia 
............ 2 Joseph HOLEMAN b: 1775 in Henrico Co., Virginia d: 05 Sep 1847
................ +Elizabeth PRIDDY b: 1777 in Virginia m: 1792 
............ 2 John Bowles HOLEMAN b: 1776 in Henrico Co., Virginia d: 1827 in Barren Co., Kentucky
................ +Frances CHALKLEY b: 1777 in Henrico Co., Virginia m: 21 Dec 1797 in Goochland Co., Virginia d: 1837 in Barren Co., Kentucky
............ 2 Henry Bowles HOLEMAN b: 31 Jul 1778 in Henrico Co., Virginia d: 06 May 1833 in Barren Co., Kentucky
................ +Elizabeth DUVAL b: 18 Apr 1781 m: Oct 1798 in Henrico Co., Virginia d: Sep 1851
............ 2 Mourning HOLEMAN b: 04 Jun 1779 in St. James Parish, Goochland, VA 
................ +Joseph Miles DUVAL, Jr m: 07 Apr 1801 
............ 2 Elizabeth HOLEMAN b: 1781 in Henrico Co., Virginia 
................ +Samuel Shepherd WALKER m: 04 Apr 1803 
..... 1 William HOLEMAN 
..... 1 Sarah HOLEMAN b: 1740 in Tuckahoe, St. James Parish, Goochland Co., VA d: 1777 in Albemarle Co., Virginia
......... +Archibald SNEAD b: 1740 in Hanover, Virginia m: 1759 in Hanover, Virginia d: 1781 in Fluvanna County, Virginia
............ 2 Holman SNEAD b: 1760 in Hanover Co., Virginia d: Bef. 02 Jun 1806 in Town of Warren, Albemarle Co., Virginia


See Old Virginia Related Surnames and Kentucky Related Surnames.




William Holeman (1658-after 1695) and his wife Ann Tandy of Goochland County, Virginia. 
Their son, Tandy H Holeman (born 1695 in Tidewater, York County, Virginia) married Mary Wagstaff.

Descendant Report for Tandy H Holeman

Tandy H Holeman; b: 1695 in York County, Virginia; d: Feb 1735 in Caroline County, Virginia
    + Mary Wagstaff b: Abt. 1705 in York Co., Va; m: 1719 in York Co., Va; d: 1731 in Stafford County, Virginia

.....2 William Holeman b: 1725 in York Co., Va, d: Dec 1796 in Goochland County, Virginia; St. James Parish
        + Susannah Thompson b: 1727 in York County, Virginia, d: 1817 in Goochland County, Virginia
..........3 Mary L Holeman b: 1742 in Caroline County, Virginia, d: 1827
            + James Austin
..........3 Susannah Holeman b: Abt. 1750 in Caroline County, Virginia, d: 1817
            + John Britt b: 1749 in Goochland Co., Va; m: May 23, 1770 in Goochland Co., Va; d: Sep 18, 1797 in Goochland Co., Va
..........3 William Holeman b: 1751 in Caroline County, Virginia
..........3 Capt Tandy Holeman b: Abt. 1756 in Caroline County, Virginia, d: Jul 24, 1836 in Clark County, Kentucky
            + Eleanor Ann Bradley b: Abt. 1756 in Charles Co., Virginia; m: 1784 in Virginia; d: Abt. 1785 in Virginia
            + Elizabeth Abney b: 1769, m: Sep 30, 1786 in Amherst County, Virginia, d: 1805
            + Elizabeth "Betsy" Stevenson b: 1780, m: Sep 1820 in Clark County, Kentucky, d: 1859
..........3 John Holeman b: 1758
..........3 Elizabeth Holeman b: 1762 in Goochland County, Virginia; St. James Parish
            + John Wilmerton m: Feb 15, 1793 in Goochland County, Virginia
            + John Chambers m: Abt. 1807 in Goochland County, Virginia
..........3 George Holeman b: Aug 31, 1766 in Goochland Co., Va; d: May 24, 1854 in Fluvanna County, Virginia 
            + Mary Jordan Payne b: Aug 21, 1780 in Va. [grand daughter of Judith Burton (1731) and George Payne (1707-1784)]
..........3 Sarah Holeman b: 1769 in Goochland Co., Va, d: Dec 19, 1849 in Buckingham County, Virginia
            + George Holeman b: Apr 17, 1773 in Cumberland Co., Va; m: 1800; d: Feb 07, 1840 in Cumberland Co., Virginia 
               [son of John Holeman and Susannah Yancey]

.....2 John Holeman b: Jul 14, 1731 in Stafford Co., Virginia; d: 1818 in Cumberland County, Virginia
        + Susannah Yancey b: 1736 in Virginia, m: 1756
..........3 John Holeman b: Apr 21, 1757 in Cumberland Co., Va, d: Jan 24, 1852 in Cumberland County, Virginia
            + Ann Wright b: 1766 in Virginia, d: Feb 18, 1833 in Cumberland County, Virginia
..........3 Yancy Holeman b: Mar 1760 in Amelia Co., Virginia, d: 1854 in Rockingham Co., North Carolina
            + Nancy Beecher b: 1764 in Amelia Co., Virginia; m: 1778, d: 1805 in Rockingham County, Virginia
            + Mary Ann "Polly" Ligon b: 1764 in Virginia, m: 1805, d: 1816 in North Carolina
            + Amy Harrison b: 1737, m: Nov 26, 1817 in Rockingham County, Virginia
..........3 Mary R Holeman b: 1761 in Amelia County, Virginia, d: May 13, 1839
            + Thomas Lowe b: 1755 in Cumberland Co., Va; m: 1783 in Va; d: Oct 27, 1835 in Rockingham Co., NC
..........3 Nancy Holeman b: 1762 in Stafford County, Virginia; St.Paul's Parish, d: 1769
..........3 James C "Yancey" Holeman b: Aug 19, 1769 in Cumberland Co., Va; d: Aug 03, 1843 in Dade Co., Missouri
            + Frances "Frankie" Spencer b: Oct 12, 1769 in Prince Edward Co., Va, m: Feb 21, 1793 in Prince Edward Co., Va
            + Mary Barbara Hart b: Apr 24, 1791 in Guildford County, North Carolina, m: 1812
..........3 Susannah Holeman b: 1770 in Virginia, d: Aft. 1850 in Buckingham County, Virginia
            + Samuel Shepard b: Jun 03, 1762 in Buckingham Co., Va, m: 1788, d: 1836 in Buckingham County, Virginia
..........3 George Holeman b: Apr 17, 1773 in Cumberland Co., Va, d: Feb 07, 1840 in Cumberland County, Virginia
            + Sarah Holeman b: 1769 in Goochland Co., Va, m: 1800, d: Dec 19, 1849 in Buckingham County, Virginia 
               [daughter of William Holeman and Susannah Thompson]
..........3 Thomas P Holeman b: Jan 17, 1780 in Cumberland Co., Va, d: Jan 20, 1851 in Wilson County, Tennessee
            + Anna "Ann" Britt b: Sep 05, 1789 in Goochland Co., Va, m: 1802, d: 1841 in Wilson County, Tennessee
..........3 Elizabeth Holeman b: 1786 in Virginia
            + Obediah Britt b: Oct 19, 1783 in Goochland County, Virginia, m: 1806

.....2 Mary Holeman b: 1720 in York Co., Va, d: 1787 in Goochland Co., Va; St. James Parish
        + Charles Rice b: 1715 in Albermarle Co., Va; m: Apr 03, 1756 in Goochland Co., Va; d: 1785 in Goochland Co., Va
..........3 Sarah Rice b: 1740 in Goochland Co., Va, d: 1815 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina; Love Springs
            + Edward Smith Sr., Capt. b: Jan 23, 1741 in Albermarle, Virginia; d: Aug 15, 1815 in Spartanburg Co., South Carolina
..........3 Charles Rice b: 1750
..........3 Martha Patsey Rice b: 1751, d: 1828
            + George Woodward Saunders b: Jul 24, 1742 in Virginia; d: Jan 1828 in Bedford County, Virginia
..........3 Holman Rice b: 1758 in Virginia, d: 1849
            + Polly Fathergill b: 1790 in Virginia, m: Jun 20, 1816 in Bath County, Kentucky
            + Jane Morris b: 1758 in Virginia, m: 1780
..........3 Molly Rice b: 1776
..........3 Tandy Rice
..........3 William Rice
..........3 Bazil Rice

.....2 Elizabeth Holeman b: 1721 in York County, Virginia, d: 1781 in York County, Virginia; Yorktown
        + Callohill Minnis b: Jun 12, 1719 in York Co., Va; m: 1740; d: Jul 16, 1785 in York County, Virginia
..........3 Holman Minnis b: 1752 in Virginia; d: 1784 in York County, Virginia

.....2 Tandy Holeman b: 1723 in York County, Virginia, d: Nov 1760 in Albemarle County, Virginia
        + Patsey Spencer b: Abt. 1725


This line frequently used "Holman" as a given named:

Holman Minnis, born 1752 in Virginia
Holman Rice, born 1758 in Virginia
Holman Rice, born 1784 in Kentucky
Holman Rice, born 1822 in Bath County, Kentucky
Holman Smith, born Mar 24, 1783 in Louisa County, Virginia
Holeman Rice Stewart, born 1822 in Callaway County, Missouri
James Holman Stewart, born 1825 in Indiana
Holeman Tackett, born 1838 in Bath County, Kentucky







Because they have the same surname and lived in the same general area of Virginia, you would expect to find many connections between Captain James Holman (died 1759) and the William Holeman (1658-after 1695) who married Ann Tandy, however I found just two.

One connection between Capt James Holman and the William Holeman who married Ann Tandy:

* John Holeman (1736-1837) is the grandson of Capt James Holeman (1667-1759).
* John Holeman (1736-1837) married Elizabeth Burton (1738-1824) (See Old Virginia Related Surnames)
* Elizabeth Burton (1738-1824) had a sister Judith Burton (1731)
* Judith Burton (1731) married George Payne (1707-1784). Their grand daughter was Mary Jordan Payne (see Kentucky Related Surnames)
* Mary Jordan Payne married George Holeman (1766-1854)
* George Holeman (1766-1854) was the son of William Holeman (1725-1796) and Susannah Thompson (1727-1817), and the great grandson of the William Holeman who married Ann Tandy


Another connection between Capt James Holman and the William Holeman who married Ann Tandy:

In the 1850 census for District 2, Christian County, Kentucky, these two households were neighbors:

369 Walker Samuel 67 1783 Male Virginia

373 Tandy Mills 70 1780 Male Virginia

Samuel Shepherd Walker (born 1783 in Goochland Co., Virginia) in 1803 in Henrico Co., Virginia married Elizabeth Holeman (born 1781 in Henrico Co., Virginia), grand daughter of Henry Holeman (1685-1740), the brother of Capt James Holman.

Miles Tandy (born 1780 in Virginia; died 1861 in Christian Co., Kentucky) is thought to be the great grandson of Henry Nappa Tandy (1660-1703) who is thought to be the brother of the Ann Tandy (1662-1695) who in 1693 in Virginia married William Holeman (1658-after 1695)

History of Todd County, Kentucky, ed. J. H. Battle, 1884,
F. A. Battey Publishing Co., 1884, pp. 282-83.
"John Davis TANDY. The subject of this sketch was born January 23, 1837,
in Todd County, Ky. where he still retains his residence. He father,
Nathaniel Mills TANDY, was born in 1810, in Christian County; he removed
to Todd County, Ky, in 1834, where he died in 1881. He was the son of
Mills TANDY, who was born in Virginia in 1780; moved to Barren County in
1808, where he remained six months; moved to Christian County in 1809,
and died in Christian County, Ky., in 1861. His father was Henry TANDY,
of Virginia. Subject's mother, Mary E., daughter of John and Mary
(Pendleton) Davis, was born in 1815 and died in 1843. To her and her
husband, Nathaniel Mills TANDY, were born: Olivia (deceased) and our
subject. To Nathaniel Mills TANDY and his second wife (Margaret J.
Jesup), were born: Samuel R. Jesup M. and Charles E. Subject secured a
good common education and is a general reader of standard books and
current literature. He was married October 23, 1860, to Miss Catherine,
daughter of Preston L. and Elizabeth A. (Jesup) Yancy, of Crittenden
County., Ky., and this union has been blessed with: Preston E., Robert M.,
Mary D. and Clarence. Subject is by profession a farmer, owning 700
acres of good and valuable land, which is finely improved and in a high
state of cultivation. He is prudently turning his attention largely to
the growth of the grasses, thereby maintaining and improving the fertility
of his already productive farm. He is enterprising, energetic and public
spirited. He is an honored member of the Masonic fraternity, a Baptist
and a Democrat."

A History of Christian County, Kentucky, page 650:
"DR. CHARLES HENRY TANDY, a prominent dentist of Hopkins­ville,
with a varied military and professional' record, was born in Chris­tian
County, Kentucky, November 13, 1869, a son of Charles M. and Mary
(Henry) Tandy. His paternal grandparents were Mills and Amelia
(Graves) Tandy
; Mills was a son of Henry and Ann (Mills) Tandy; Henry
was a son of Rogers and Sarah (Quarles) Tandy. Henry Tandy, during
the Revolutionary War, furnished supplies and rendered patriotic services
to the army. Dr. Tandy's maternal grandparents were Colonel William
Henry (1812) and Cornelia (Gano) Henry. Colonel Henry's parents were
General William Henry (private in Revolutionary War and General in 1812)
and Elizabeth Julia Flournoy. General Henry's parents were Rev. Robert
Henry and Jean Johnson, of Scotland. Colonel Henry's wife, Cornelia
Gano, was a daughter of Richard Gano, a son of Rev. John Gano, a chaplain
in the Revolutionary War.
Dr. Tandy is a graduate of the Dental Department of Vanderbilt University.
He was for many years Captain of Company D, Kentucky State Guards, often
in active service. He was married, October, 1901, to Miss Hettie Long, a
daughter of George C. Long, president of the First National Bank. To them
have been born Elizabeth (Mrs. Ross Taylor, Orange, Calif.) ; Charles H.,
Jr., of Texas; and Clifton Long, who is a high school student. The family
are members of the Christian Church."


Some Holeman Family Researchers believe that William Holeman (1658-after 1695) descended from Christopher Hollyman of Isle of Wight County, Virginia.


An article in The History of Laclede County, Missouri, published in 1889, suggests that this family migrated from Switzerland to Virginia prior to the Revolutionary War.
[John Holeman b: July 14, 1731 in Stafford Co., Virginia; and his wife, Susannah Yancey b: 1736 in Virginia]

George T. Holman, stock farmer, of Auglaize Township, was born in Guilford County, N. C., in 1813, and is a son of James Y. and Mary B. (Hart) Holman, who were born in Virginia and North Carolina, respectively. James Holman was born in 1769, and is a son of John Holman, whose parents were originally from Switzerland, and at a very early day located in Virginia. John Holman was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. James Y. Holman was married in his native State, and was engaged in working at the brick mason’s trade and farming. He was first married to a Miss Spencer, a native of Virginia, by whom he had two sons and two daughters, but after her death he removed to Guilford County, N. C., where he was married to Miss Hart, who was born on the 24th of April, 1791, by whom he has one son, George T. In 1816 the mother died, having lived the life of a true Christian, being a consistent member of the Lutheran Church. In 1842 Mr. Holman immigrated with his eldest daughter to Dade County, Mo., where he died on the 3d of August, 1843, having been engaged in teaching school the latter part of his life. From fourteen to eighteen years of age George T. Holman made his home with an uncle in Virginia, and then went to North Carolina, and remained with his father on a farm until his marriage in 1837, when he took charge of the home place until 1842, and then moved to Missouri, locating on a farm in what is now Laclede County. During the late Civil War he served for about three months on frontier duty at Lebanon, but being over age and crippled he could not act in the regular service. He is a Democrat in politics, and served as justice of the peace for several years. He was married to Miss Lucinda Lambeth, who was born in Guilford County, N. C., May 17, 1817, and their union was blessed in the birth of seven children, five of whom are now living: James L., Mary L. (wife of Dr. McCombs), John L. L. (who lives in Idaho Territory, engaged in farming), Andrew J. (who resides near the home farm), William (who farms on the home place); and the following children, who are deceased: George T. W., who died at the age of six years, and Joseph B., whose death occurred when thirty-five years of age. Mrs. Holman, who was an earnest and worthy member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, died on the 23d of February, 1881.





The DNA results for the descendant of James Holeman, b. 1814 did not match any of the tests results in the Hollyman Family DNA Project (males who are or believe they are descended from the Christopher Hollyman who resided in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia and died there in 1691). 

Christopher Holleman Will
Virginia Book of Wills, Vol. 2, p. 309 In the name of God, I Christopher Holliman being very sick and weak of body but of perfect memory to make this last Will and Testament committing my soule to Christ Jesus, my Savior and Redeemer and my body to the earth from whence it came to be buried in decent manner and as for my worldly estate as followeth: Item I bequeath unto my sonne Thomas Holliman, the land and plantation whereon he now dwelleth with the land belonging which I have already given him by a deed of gift which is not yet confirmed by the Court and which I confirm to his his heirs, Executors administrators or assigns for ever. I bequeath unto my sonne William Holliman all my land which do lyeth between the lands that I gave to my sonne, Thomas Holliman and William Gualneys line to him his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns for ever. I likewise give unto my sonne Richard Holliman my new tobacco house and sufficient ground for his use which lyeth adjoining or near the said house either cleared or to be cleared, with fences and privelege for timber and clearing more ground if he have occasion. I give unto my daughters Anne Atkinson and Mary Atkisson each of them one ewe. I also give and bequeath unto my two sonnes Christopher Holliman and Richard Holliman all the rest of my land with the houses fences orchards woods and appurtenances to be equally divided in quantity and quallity to them their heirs executors administrators or assaigns after the death of my wife Mary Holliman. I beequeath unto my wife Mary Holliman my plantation and land during her life only which is excepted with the houses, orchards fences buildings. I do also give all my goods movable and immovable and cattle hogs and horses or whatsoever I am now possessed with all and further I do make my wife Mary Holliman my whole and sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament. Witness my hand this 24th day of April in the year of our Lord 1691. Christopher Holliman, Senior. Proved in open court August 10th 1692. Test: John Pitt Cl Ct

The three "very tightly related" Holmans ARE NOT "related" to:
* Participants in the Hollyman Family DNA Project (males who are or believe they are descended from the Christopher Hollyman who resided in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia and died there in 1691). 
* Participants in the Family DNA Project for Hagelman, Hailman, Hallman, Halman, Heilman, Heilmann, Helman, Heylman, Heylmann, Hileman, Hilemann, Hilleman, Hillemann, Hillman surnames.      



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