The Carson Family

From Washington County, Virginia 
To Rockcastle County, Kentucky
To Jellico, Tennessee
To Davie, Broward County, Florida


Stephen Green Carson
Born: April 29, 1870 in Blue Lick, Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Died: December 05, 1953 in Davie, Broward Co. Florida

Ancestors of Stephen Green Carson:

Great Great Grand Parents: David Carson, born about 1741 and Elizabeth Dysart, born about 1745 in Washington Co., VA

Great Grand Parents: Joseph Carson, born July 02, 1778 in Abingdon, Washington Co., VA and Mary A. Evans, born 16 Nov 1776 in either Washington Co., Virginia or Maryland

Grand Parents: (Preacher) David Carson, born February 04, 1798 in Washington Co, VA and Catherine Lawrence, born June 1801 in Washington Co, VA

Parents: Joseph Carson, born October 12, 1822 in Crab Orchard, Rockcastle Co., KY and Mahala Jane Owens, born July 15, 1826 in Rockcastle Co., KY

Sometime before 1905 the Stephen Green Carson family relocated from Rockcastle County, Kentucky to Jellico, Tennessee (on the Kentucky/Tennessee border), which was a major operation for the L & N (Louisville and Nashville) railroad. A short time later, William David Griffin (known as David), who also worked for the railroad, and his family moved to Jellico. William David Griffin was the father of John Ashley Griffin (who in 1907 married Linnie Carson, the daughter of Stephen Green Carson), and William Alfred Griffin (known as Alf).


The Carson family on the porch of the Carson family home in Jellico Tennessee.
L to R: Bill Carson, TA Griffin, Jack Griffin, Linnie Carson Griffin, Lenora Carson Bridges, Hazel Carson, Alene Griffin, Bess Carson, Claudia Holman, Lulu Carson Holman, Marie Holman, Corine Smith Carson, Arthur Carson, Stephen Green Carson, Jr, Charles Carson, Mary Frank Holman (on the pole), Raymond Carson Holman (being held), Thomas Newman Holman, Mildred Holman, Susan Sowder Carson, Ora Lee Porterfield Carson, Joe Carson, Stephen Green Carson, and Harold Kay Carson.


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