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James Holman (Holdman, Holeman)
Born: about 1814 in Kentucky
Died: after 1880

James Holman (Holdman, Holeman), born about 1814 in Kentucky, is the earliest documented ancestor in our Holman family tree. He lived in the area of Brodhead (Stigall's Stand) and Crab Orchard Kentucky, which are on the border of three Kentucky counties: Lincoln, Garrard, and Rockcastle.

On June 4, 1835 in Garrard County, Kentucky, James Holman was married to Martha "Patsy" Ramsey, the daughter of Alexander Ramsey, by Baptist minister Benjamin Polston. (See copy of Bond and License.)

Alexander Ramsey is the son of Thomas Ramsey who fought in the Revolutionary war (joined army 1776, Essex County, Virginia), and the nephew of Francis Alexander Ramsey who was in Lee's Legion (joined late 1779, discharged June 6, 1783). 



"Records of the Revolutionary War," by W. T. R. Saffell, 1894, Pages 270 and 275 
Colonel Alexander Spottswood, 2nd Virginia Regiment
Captain Samuel Hawes, Virginia Infantry Company 8
As it stood on June 1, 1777
Thomas Jones, First-lieutenant
James Upshur, Second-lieutenant
Private Thomas Ramsey
Private Francis Golman




"From Rockcastle Recollections"
Francis Ramsey, Sr., born in Virginia, in 1764, at the age of fifteen he was enlisted as a drummer boy in the Revolutionary War. He fought at Guilford Courthouse, Camden, Seige of 96 and Eutah Springs. Married in 1778, in Cumberland County, Virginia, he soon thereafter came to Rockcastle County in time to be in the first census of 1810. He died in Rockcastle County on the day after Christmas of 1842, being then 78 years of age. He and his wife, who died in 1850, are buried in unmarked graves in the Renfro Valley Cemetery. His brother, Thomas, who was also a Revolutionary war Veteran, died in the adjoining county of Garrard.




Page 61 1802 Taxpayers Upper District Garrard County, Kentucky

Ramsey, John: one white male above 21; one horse

Ramsey, Larkin: 118 acres on Gilberts Creek in Garrard Co; one white male above 21; three blacks; six horses
Ramsey, Larkin: 400 acres on N. F. Licking in Mayson County

Ramsey, Thomas: 35 acres on Gilberts Creek in Garrard Co
Ramsey, Thomas: 60 acres on Drakes Creek in Garrard Co; one white male above 21; one white male between 16-21; three horses

Ramsey, Thomas: one white male above 21; three horses




The Ramseys were members of the Gilbert's Creek Baptist Church (known as the "Traveling Church"). The church is located on Gilbert's Creek on the Lancaster and Crab Orchard Pike (Rt 39) in Garrard County. [Ben Polsten represented the church at one of the meetings of the South District Association of Separate Baptists.] Larkin Ramsey (aka Larkin Vaulter) and Harrison Hiatt are buried here. 





KENTUCKY PENSION ROLL OF 1835 listed the following:


AGE 77




Marianne Lamken, a Ramsey family researcher, received the following from the Garrard County Historical Society:

“Satisfactory proof has this day made in open Court by the Oaths of James Slegon and William F. Pearl, that Thomas Ramsey late a private in the Army of the Revolution departed this life on the fifth day of June 1843, and that the said Thomas Ramsey was the identical person named in an original Certificate now here shown to the Court of the date this 6th day of February one thousand Eight Hundred and nineteen and signed by F. C. Calhoun Secretary of war granting to the said Thomas Ramsey Eight Dollars per month, to commence on the thirteenth day of June one thousand Eight Hundred and Eighteen and numbered 6527 and it was further proved to the satisfaction of the Court that the decedent left no widow at his death and that Obed Ramsey, James Ramsey, Alexander Ramsey, Thomas Ramsey, Frank Ramsey, Elizabeth Vaught, and Patsey Taylor are his heirs at Law.”

Copy from Garrard County Order Book #21, page 185, September County Court, 1843


Summary of Thomas Ramsey Revolutionary War Pension Files Submitted by Joe W. Hardiman to

June 1818 - Lancaster, Garrard County, Kentucky
Benjamin LECHER, Clerk, records the pension petition request of Thomas RAMSEY. (Petition is missing from file.)

July 30, 1818 - Garrard County, Kentucky
Thomas RAMSEY signs a statement appointing the Honorable George ROBERTSON, a member of congress, as his attorney for matters regarding his Revolutionary War pension.

November 25, 1818 - Garrard County, Kentucky
Thomas RAMSEY appeared in open court before William L KELLEY. Thomas stated that he engaged in the Second Virginia Regiment in 1775 and was regularly discharged after his term of two years. Soon after a man came into the neighborhood who was supposed to be a deserter was exhibiting a paper, which he called a discharge. Some of the neighbors obtained Thomas Ramsey’s discharge to compare it with the paper held by the man aforesaid. Thomas never saw his discharge again. Thomas states that he is in low circumstances and stands in need of the aid and assistance of his country

Larkin RAMSEY deposed that Thomas RAMSEY is a relation of his and that he knows of his own personal knowledge that Thomas was absent from his usual place of residence for about two years and that he heard the officers of the army speak of service of Thomas RAMSEY in terms of high respect and commendation. He further stated that he has no doubt Thomas Received his discharge as he heard Capt GARRIT speak of him in favorable terms.

Francis RAMSEY of Rockcastle County states that he saw his brother Thomas during the time he served in the army and he had his regimental clothes on and he has heard his brother officers and soldiers converse with in relation to their services. He also states that he saw the discharge give to his brother.

William L KELLY, signs a statement that Thomas RAMSEY appeared before him in open court and certifies that the statements made are true. The said RAMSEY is in reduced circumstances.

December 7, 1818 - Lancaster, Garrard County, Kentucky
Benjamin LECHER, Clerk of Court, attests to the signature of Judge William L KELLY on the documents for Thomas RAMSEY.

February 6, 1819 - Washington D.C.
Certificate # 6527 issued for Thomas RAMSEY for Revolutionary War Service Pension. Amount of pension to be 9 dollars per month to commence on 30 June 1818. Arrears of 17.33 and pension received up to 4 March 1819 $48.00.Total received $65.33

April 21, 1820 - Lancaster, Garrard, Kentucky
George ROBERTSON signs a statement for Thomas RAMSEY #6,527 an open court appearance was recorded.

August 21, 1820 - Garrard County, Kentucky Court
Thomas RAMSEY appeared in open court stating that he had enlisted for two years in Essex County Virginia Under Lt James RAPSHA on the 15th day of February 1776 in the company of infantry commanded by Captain Samuel HAWES attached to the regiment commanded by Alexander SPOTSWOOD. He received his discharge at Valley Forge the 15th of February 1778.He was in the battles of Brandywine and Germantown. He also swears that he has not nor has any person for him entrust any property nor have any income other than in the following schedule:

Sixty One acres of land worth $5.00/acre$300

Two horses worth fifty Dollars

50 Two cows and six head of cattle

50head of sheep

14 head of hogs

Household and kitchen furniture

Amounting in the whole to$430

The said RAMSEY is by profession a tillar of the land. He is about 63 or 64 years of age. He is infirm. His wife 64 years of age infirm. He has living with him 2 daughters one aged 23 the 10th day of next January, health and industrious. The other was aged 18 years the 4th day of last April. She is becoming infirm and affords no assistance to the family. He has five sons all of whom are married and long since left him.

August 23, 1820 - Garrard County, Kentucky
Benjamin LECHER signs a statement that it is the opinion of the court that Thomas RAMSEY has a total worth of $430.

November 2, 1820 - Lancaster, Garrard, Kentucky
George ROBERTSON signature on document also dated April 21, 1820 "Struck off". Does this mean that this is the date Thomas RAMSEY lost his pension?

January 29, 1827
M H LETCHER letter to pension board regarding land value for Thomas RAMSEY. The valuation of the 63 acres of land and the last schedule made on September 21, 1820.The price of land in Kentucky has fallen very greatly and in addition there is little or no timber now left and the land is of much less value.

August 15, 1836 - Garrard County, Kentucky
Thomas RAMSEY appears in court in an attempt to recover the Revolutionary War Pension which was suspended because of his property. (The total value of his property does not balance with the line items.)

61 1/4 acres at $1.50 per acre $92.132

One horse12.00

Four head of cattle16.00

Twenty head of swine 15.00

Household furniture5.00

Farming utensils3.00

150 acres of poor land in Pulaski Cty18.064 valued at 12 1/2 cents per acre

Twelve head of sheep 6.00

Total value of property$169.09

Thomas states that he is a farmer but not at present by age and he is afflicted vary able to do much hard work and that his wife aged 72 is in bad health and not much assistance. He has a sickly granddaughter living with him aged 19 unable to work. He owes:

Samuel Quileir$16.50 for ??? for my family

Gent Fauchuer $5.00 for ??? of a mare

??? Cooke he owes $2.00 for ????

Dr Mason $2.00 for medical services

He has in money $2.00 which he received for chickens

and due him 12 1/2cents for eggs, and no one else owes him anything.

The following changes have been made in his property:

I have lost three mares by dying

The yellow horse I gave in exchange for the Pulaski Land mentioned above which I have offered for sale at 12 1/2 cents per acre and am unable to get and which is not worth more according to valuation

The other yellow horse sold to Peter Fauchuer for $42 commonwealth paper equal to $22.50 to enable him to pay of the doctor bill and to get ???

The court rendered an opinion that the total value of property for Thomas Ramsey is $169.09

[Note: The above date is incorrect. This material is found on pages 55, 56, and 57 of the Garrard County Order Book and is dated July 17, 1826. Thomas gives his age as 69 or 70 and his wife as 72. The sickly grand daughter is described as an orphan.]

1836 -1837 -1838 -Washington D.C. notes from Pension File
Thomas Ramsey’s pension was suspended for about 7 or 8 or more years. There are a series of letters regarding this suspension, but none of them originating from Washington are in the files at the National Archives. There is a note that his pension was restored and to commence 29 January 1827.Notification letter was sent on same day to Hon R.P.LACHER, House of Representatives. A letter was sent to Hon J HARLAN, House of Representatives, on Dec 19, 1836. Copies of papers were sent to Hon B STOREY January 7 1837, and Hon B HAWK January 19, 1837. Letters were sent to HON J HARLAN and Hon J EWING May 12, 1838. A letter to T RAMSEY August 21, 1844. May 20, 1852 a letter to A. SMITH. Oct 30 1855 a letter to Frank VERNON.

December 13, 1836
J HARLAN, House of Representatives, letter to pension office in Washington DC requesting information regarding Thomas RAMSEY referred through letter of Mr. ANDUFON.

January 27, 1838
J HARLAN, House of Representatives, letter to pension office requesting seeking information in regards to the suspension of the pension of Thomas RAMSEY as referred in a letter by Mr. WHITE.

August 11, 1844 - Mt Vernon, Kentucky
Thomas RAMSEY Jr. letter to pension office in Washington D.C. requesting the amount of the pension of his father, Thomas RAMSEY, of Garrard County, Ky. He also requested the reason that his father's Revolutionary War Pension had been suspended for 7 or 8 years (or more) before he had died.

October 25, 1849 - Mt Vernon, Kentucky
Thomas RAMSEY Jr. letter to pension office in Washington D.C. regarding his father, Thomas RAMSEY, of Garrard County Kentucky. Thomas Jr. is requesting the pension office to look at the original papers submitted by his father. Thomas Jr. wants to know the amount paid his father, when he was drafted, how many enlistments, and was his father entitled to land as a result of his service. Did his father draw money instead of land in 1780?Thomas RAMSEY Sr. died six years last August (Aug 1843).

October 25, 1855 - Mt Vernon, Kentucky
Frank RAMSEY letter to pension board requesting reason his father, Thomas RAMSEY of Garrard County Kentucky, was suspended from the Revolutionary War Pension roles.

July 6, 1925 - Indianapolis, Indiana (Denison Hotel)
Mrs. Archibald W HALL letter to pension office requesting war record and family data of Thomas RAMSEY of Garrard County Kentucky.

August 19, 1925 - Washington D.C.
Winfield SCOTT Commissioner of Rev 1812 Wars Section letter to Mrs. Archibald W HALL. Letter states that Thomas RAMSEY, claim S35604, enlisted in Essex County, Virginia in February 1776 in Captain Samuel HAWES' Company, Colonel Alexander Spotswood’s Virginia Regiment, and served two years as private; he was in the battles of Brandywine and Germantown. Thomas RAMSEY was allowed a pension on his application executed in June 1818 at which time he was about 60 years of age and a resident of Garrard County, Kentucky. In 1820 he referred to his wife, aged sixty-four years, and two daughters, one born January 10, 1798, and the other born April 4, 1802, and five sons, no names stated. In 1826 he referred to his grandchild, an orphan girl about nineteen years of age, her name not stated.




U.S. House of Representative Private Claims, Vol. 3 

Name Nature of Claim Congress Session Manner Brought Journal Page Referred to Committee Date Report Bill House Disposed Senate Disposed Congress Date Comments 

Thomas Ramsey Arrearages of revolutionary pension 24 2 Petition 126 Rev. Pensions Disch'd; laid on table 

Thomas Ramsey Arrearages of revolutionary pension 25 2 Resolution 671 Rev. Pensions 

Thomas Ramsey Arrearages of revolutionary pension 26 1 Petition 174 Rev. Pensions Discharged; laid on table 

Thomas Ramsey, heirs of Arrears of pension 28 2 Petition 206 Rev. Pensions 




“Rockcastle Roots” (August 1992) is the second part of John Lair’s “Rockcastle Recollections.” The first volume was a history of Rockcastle County, Kentucky. This volume covers the history of individual Rockcastle County families. Some of our families are included:

Page 123
Page 124
Page 125
Page 126




Descendents of Thomas Ramsey



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