The Carson Family

From Washington County, Virginia 
To Rockcastle County, Kentucky
To Jellico, Tennessee
To Davie, Broward County, Florida


Carson Land in Kentucky


David Carson was born about 1741 (not documented) and died about 1803. He lived and worked as a surveyor in and around Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. He was active in religious affairs, community affairs, and the military. 

About 1765, he married Elizabeth Dysart (sister of Col. James D. Dysart?) who was born about 1745. 




Jeff Renner, webmaster for the Rockcastle KY Gen Website and the author of "Three Springs and a Wilderness Station" (story of early Mount Vernon, Rockcastle County and Stephen Langford, his family, and his business partners: Valentine Harmon and William Henderson), provided this information and a map showing land tracts located in the area south of Mt Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. 

Two sons of David Carson (William and David, Jr) and James Dysart first appear on the Lincoln County, Kentucky tax list in 1803 (in the area that would later be Rockcastle County). 

In 1804 William, Joseph, and David Jr, are listed on the Lincoln County, Kentucky tax list (in the area that would later be Rockcastle County).

In 1804, Joseph Carson (b. 1777) bought property from Joshua Wilson, who had bought it from Valentine Harmon. In 1806, David Carson, Jr. is shown in the tax list with some of Samuel Ayres' land. Around the same time James Dysart bought adjoining land from James Knox. 



Note: Some of the Kentucky/Tennessee Long Hunters were: James Dysart, Jacob Harmon, Henry Scaggs, and Colonel James Knox (who because he organized the expeditions is referred to as the leader of the long hunters).
Source: The Long Hunter by Emory L. Hamilton



Samuel Carson, born September 19, 1783 in Washington County, Virginia, (son of David Carson, the Washington County deputy surveyor, and brother of Joseph Carson, born 1777) also relocated to Rockcastle County, Kentucky on land adjoining the land owned by Johnson Dysart, the son of James Dysart.

Patent #: 01294 Grantee: Carson, Samuel 
Grant Book & Pg: 4 168 Acreage: 105 
County: Rockcastle WaterCourse: Skeggs Cr. 
Survey Name: Carson, Samuel 
Survey Date: 12/15/1838 
Grant Date: 09/20/1839 




John Evans Carson, the second son of Joseph Carson, born 1777, and the brother of Preacher David Carson also owned land in the Skeggs Creek area. The property was adjacent to land owned by his mother Mary A. Evans, the widow of Joseph Carson.

Patent #: 04753 Grantee: Carson, John E. 
Grant Book & Pg: 10 360 Acreage: 50 
County: Rockcastle WaterCourse: Skeggs Cr. 
Survey Name: Carson, John E. 
Survey Date: 01/20/1842 
Grant Date: 08/27/1843 




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