The Carson Family

From Washington County, Virginia 
To Rockcastle County, Kentucky
To Jellico, Tennessee
To Davie, Broward County, Florida


Mahala Jane Owens
Born: July 15, 1826 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Died: May 14, 1908 in Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Ancestors of Mahala Jane Owens 

Great Great Great Grand Parents: Bartholomew Owen born about 1619 in Steventon, Berkshire, England and Joanna Jennings born about 1650 in Surrey Co., Virginia.

Great Great Grand Parents: William Owen, born about 1673 in Southwarke Parish, Surrey Co., Virginia and Lydia Lansford born about 1675 in Henrico Co., Virginia.

Great Grand Parent: William Owen, born between 1702 1725 in Prince George County, Virginia and wife unknown.

Grand Parents: David Owen, born September 21, 1759 in Halifax Co., Virginia and Winefred Mullins born March 30, 1766 in Halifax Co., Virginia. 

Parents: Allen Owen, born December 24, 1793 in Wilkes Co., NC and Mary Kilbourn born about 1798 in Pulaski Co., Kentucky. 


Mahala Jane Owens, the daughter of Allen Owen and Mary Kilbourn was born July 15, 1826 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. 


Mahala Jane Owens was married three times.
Mahala Jane Owens and Joseph Carson, her third husband, had two children: Steven Green Carson and Martha Carson.


Martha Carson was born about 1866 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky and died 1930 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. On Dec 31, 1884 in Rockcastle Co., KY she married McHenry Brown who was born in 1866 in Rockcastle County Kentucky and died in 1947 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky.





Descendants of Mahala Jane Owens


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