The Carson Family

From Washington County, Virginia 
To Rockcastle County, Kentucky
To Jellico, Tennessee
To Davie, Broward County, Florida


John Evans Carson, born March 28, 1806




The cabin of James Shelby Fish (1790 1858) and Sarah Lake Roberts (1790 1862). The James Fish Cabin is still standing on his farm out side of Mt. Vernon, KY. The cabin has been covered in white siding to try to protect it from termites, but is in sad shape inside - used mainly as storage. James & Sarah Fish & one of their slaves are buried just behind the cabin. (Source: Mary Carson Dillon, Carson family researcher)



Mary Carson Dillon, Carson family researcher, also reports on a 1869 letter from Jesse Fish (son of Thomas Fish and Winaford Birney) to his nephew James S Fish (son of James Shelby Fish and Sarah Lake Roberts, and brother of Marcinda W. Fish):

"My grandfathers Fish and Birney are our remotest ancestors that I have had any particular account of and most of my information on that subject was long since verbally obtained from Mother [Wineford Birney Fish] and of course my narrative will be a little indefinite but as she appeared to be gifted with a very sound recollection I incline to believe that her statements were generally near about correct. I don't recollect of ever hearing the name of my grandfather (your Great Grandfather Fish, who emigrated from England and settled in the Colony of North Carolina something over one hundred years since but I have no recollection at this time of ever hearing anything said in relation to the name of the county where he lived and the most particular account I ever had concerning his is that he was killed by a hostile Indian while he was riding on a hunting excursion near a certain water course in N.C. that has been going by the name of Fish's River. I have no account as to the number of his children, but have been informed that his son Thomas (my Father) was a small boy at the time of his Father's death and his Mother having previously died, caused him to be placed in the hands of some disinterested individuals who (as I am informed) seemed to care very little about his future welfare, therefore he was compelled thereafter to stem the tide of adversity the best way that he could until relieved by becoming of sufficient age to manage his own concern, and subsequently to that time he joined the army as a volunteer and served a tour of duty on an expedition against the Tories and Indians who were being very troublesome to the frontier settlers in that part of the country during the time of the old Revolutionary war. After his return from the army he frequently was speaking of having marched through a village then in North Carolina called Moravian Town where he saw a Tory man hanging by the neck and from appearance had been in that condition for a day or two and the soldiers were not permitted to take him down in order that he might be buried." 


Marcinda Winford Fish is the first wife of John Evans Carson and is the mother of James Fish Carson.

John Madison Fish is the brother of James S Fish and Marcinda W. Fish (children of James Shelby Fish and Sarah Lake Roberts).

William Marion Fish (son of William Fish and Annie Logan) is the cousin of Marcinda W. Fish.






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