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Mahala Jane Owens
Born: July 15, 1826 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Died: May 14, 1908 in Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Ancestors of Mahala Jane Owens 

Great Great Great Grand Parents: Bartholomew Owen born about 1619 in Steventon, Berkshire, England and Joanna Jennings born about 1650 in Surrey Co., Virginia.

Great Great Grand Parents: William Owen, born about 1673 in Southwarke Parish, Surrey Co., Virginia and Lydia Lansford born about 1675 in Henrico Co., Virginia.

Great Grand Parent: William Owen, born between 1702 – 1725 in Prince George County, Virginia and wife unknown.

Grand Parents: David Owen, born September 21, 1759 in Halifax Co., Virginia and Winefred Mullins born March 30, 1766 in Halifax Co., Virginia. 

Parents: Allen Owen, born December 24, 1793 in Wilkes Co., NC and Mary Kilbourn born about 1798 in Pulaski Co., Kentucky. 


Any discussion about our Owens ancestors must give credit to our distant “cousin” Charles S. Owens who is a recognized (and published) expert on the Owen(s) families of Virginia and Kentucky. Much or what is contained below is based on his work. Any errors are due to my misunderstanding or misreading of his very fine research.


Owens - Mullins Families of Kentucky


Mahala Jane Owens, the daughter of Allen Owen and Mary Kilbourn was born July 15, 1826 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. 

Mahala Jane Owens’ father, Allen Owen served as a private in the 11th Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Volunteers, Captain Johnston Dysart's Company during the War of 1812. This Company was heavily engaged in the "Battle of the Thames" in Ontario, Canada on 5 October 1813. In this battle, the British, along with their Shawnee Indian allies under Tecumseh, were thoroughly beaten. Tecumseh died in this battle. Allen served from August 1813 until November 1813. Allen is named as a son in David Owen's Revolutionary War pension application. (National Archives Rev. War Pension Records, M-804, Roll 1855, War of 1812 Pension and Land Records.) 

In April 1855, Mahala Jane Owens’ mother, Mary Kilbourn, applied for a pension and land grants on Allen's War of 1812 service records. She was awarded a pension which was $8.00 per month at the time of her death in 1874. She was also given two land warrants, each one for a 40 acre grant.



Mahala Jane Owens' father's father was David Owen. David Owen served for three years in the North Carolina Militia during the Revolutionary War. He was in Col. Benjamin Cleveland's Company at the Battle of King's Mountain on October 7, 1780. He served under Col. Daniel Morgan at the Battle of Cowpens on January 17, 1781. He also served with Captain William Lenoir in and around Wilkes County, NC. (National Archives Rev. War Pension Records, M-804, Roll 1855.)

David Carson of Washington County, Virginia, the great grandfather of Joseph Carson, the third husband of Mahala Jane Owens, also participated in the Battle of King's Mountain.



Mahala Jane Owens'
mother's father was Henry Kilbourn. In his Revolutionary War pension application, Henry Kilbourn stated that he enlisted in Capt. James Newell's Company in Montgomery County, Virginia in February 1781, and served until late November 1781. In 1785, Henry Kilbourn went to Lincoln County, Kentucky and enlisted in Col . William Whitley's Company of Militia to fight the Shawnee Indians. He served under Lt. Nathan McClure and was with McClure when he was killed in a skirmish with the Shawnee near the Rockcastle River. In 1786, Henry was with Gen. George Rogers Clark's expedition up the Wabash River. (Revolutionary War Pension Records - M-804, Roll 1481.)


Mahala Jane Owens had ten brothers and sisters, including:

· Mahala’s brother Ashley Owens married Angeline Mullins and they had eleven children. One daughter, Sarah Frances Owens, married William David Griffin. Around 1910, the William David Griffin family moved from Jellico, Tennessee to Davie, Florida. Another daughter, Rebecca Jane Owens, married George W. Griffin, the son of Daniel Griffin and Elizabeth Miller. The January 10, 1908 edition of the Mount Vernon Signal had the following article: “LIVINGSTON NEWS: Mr. John Griffin of Jellico and Miss Linnie Carson also of Jellico were quietly married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo W. Griffin on the evening of the 26th. Mr. Griffin is an honorable man of sterling qualities and faultless character. He is the son of Mrs. W. D. Griffin formerly of this place but now of Jellico. The sweet bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Carson formerly of this place but now residing in Jellico. She has an exceedingly loving and loveable disposition and is well deserving of the love and respect of this excellent young man. The best wishes of all their friends go with them to their new home, and may their pathway be strewn with roses minus the thorns of adversity is the wish of the writer.”

· Mahala’s brother Martin Owens was an ordained minister of the Gospel and served several Christian Churches in Rockcastle, Lincoln and Pulaski Counties in Kentucky. He served in the ministry from 1850 until his death in 1908. He baptized over 2000 people and married over 400 couples including most of his brothers and sisters. Martin’s son, John Alford Owens, recorded many of these marriages in his personal diary.

· Mahala’s sister Charity Ann Owens was the second wife of Vincent Pointer. Vincent Pointer’s first wife was Margaret Carson, the daughter of Joseph Carson and Mary A. Evans and the grand daughter of David Carson and Elizabeth Dysart.

· Mahala’s sister Wilmouth Owens married Stephen Elder, the son of John Elder and Permelia Andrys Carson and the grandson of Preacher David Carson and Catherine Lawrence.


Mahala Jane Owens was married three times.

While still a teenager she married Moses Cummins around 1842. Mahala and Moses had seven children before he died. The 1850 census for Rockcastle County, Southern District lists Moses (a farmer) and Mahala and their children: John, Mary, Susan, Elizabeth, and Nancy. Also listed was another child: Francis (male). In 1850, the parents of Moses lived on one side of Mahala and Moses and on the other side was John, the brother of Moses. Living nearby was Preacher David Carson, Catherine Lawrence, and their children.

· The daughter of Moses and Mahala Cummins, Susan Cummins married Champ Mullins, the son of William L. Mullins and Susan Brown. After Champ’s death in 1898, the elderly Mahala Jane Owens lived with Susan (Cummins) Mullins.

· The daughter of Moses and Mahala Cummins, Eliza A. Cummins married Daniel R. Sowder. Daniel R. Sowder was the brother of Lewis Sowder, the father of Susan Ellen (Sowder) Carson.

· The son of Moses and Mahala Cummins, Allen Albert Cummins married Mary Elizabeth Cummins, the daughter of Logan C. and Mary A. Cummins. Susan Ellen (Sowder) Carson said that Mary Elizabeth Cummins was her “dearest friend.”

After the death of Moses Cummins, Mahala Jane Owens around 1856 married Milton Hicks, the son of Bailey and Susanna Hicks. The 1860 census for Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky lists: Milton Hix (farmer), Mahala, the Cummins children (John, Susan, Elizabeth, Mary, and Allen) and the Hicks children (Wilmouth and William). Living nearby was Milton’s brother Josiah Hicks and his new bride, Abigail. Living in this household was Eliza A. Cummins, daughter of Moses Cummins and Mahala Jane Owens.

The daughter of Milton and Mahala, Wilmouth Hicks, married Joseph C. Pointer, the son of Vincent Pointer and Margaret Carson and the grandson of Joseph Carson and Mary A. Evans. The Sept 6, 1901 edition of the Mt Vernon Signal Newspaper contained these items: “Dead: Mr. Joe Poynter who was fatally injured last Wed a week ago by a horse falling on him died Friday night. For about sixty hours he lay perfectly unconscious and never at any time was he able to take any refreshments not even water. There has never been a death in our little town when more sympathy was aroused than there was in the death of Mr. Poynter, the unfortunate way in which he lost his life. On Wed morning he left home well and hearty and as we heard some friends express it more cheerful than usual. But little did he think that, that morning was the last time he would ever be able to do anything for his sick wife or those little helpless children, which on account of afflictions were so dependant upon him. A large number of friends and relatives accompanied the remains to the Old Freedom burying ground where a goodly number had gathered to view the lifeless form of their once old friend and neighbor.” “Mesdames Rebecca Griffin and Sallie Griffin attended the funeral of the late Mr. Joe Poynter at Freedom last Sunday.” “Mr. and Mrs. Hays and Messrs Mart Hicks, Steve and Joe Carson and Mrs. Susie Mullins attended the funeral of their brother in law Joe Poynter at Freedom Sunday.”

After the death of Milton Hicks, Mahala Jane Owens around 1864 married Joseph Carson (see photo), the son of Preacher David Carson and Catherine Lawrence. Joseph Carson had been married previously to Catherine Harness, the daughter of David Harness and Elizabeth Payne. Joseph Carson and Catherine Harness had eight children: Elizabeth Jane Carson, William Craig Carson, Permelia Ann Carson, Margaret Frances Carson (who on Aug 05, 1868 married Stephen Green Brown), John Thomas Carson, David Carson, Joseph C. Carson, and Samuel Meek Carson. Catherine Harness died December 18, 1863.

Mahala Jane Owens and Joseph Carson had two children: Steven Green Carson and Martha Carson.

The1850 Census (Kentucky, Rockcastle Co., Southern District, Household 27, Family 27) lists: Joseph Carson (age 32, born Ky, Farmer); Catherine (age 32, born Va); William ( age 6); Elizabeth (age 4); Permelia (age 2).

The 1860 census (Mt Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky, Dwelling 265, Household 265) lists: James Carson [Note: This is an error. It is really Joseph] (age 36, born Ky, Farmer, $300 Real, $150 Personal); Catherine (age 40, born Va); Wm (age 16, born Ky, school); Elizabeth (age 14, born Ky, school); Permelia (age 11, born Ky, school); Margaret (age 8, born Ky, school); David (age 6, born Ky); John (age 4, born Ky); Joseph (age 2, born Ky); Samuel (age 5 mos, born Ky).



In a letter to Nancy Francis (Carson) Hubert, Carson Family researcher, Suzan Ellen (Sowder) Carson said this about the children of Mahala Jane Owens:

Mary married Payne (I don't know how Paign was spelled.)
Susie married Champ Mullins
Nancie to Dick Cummings
Liza to Dan Sowder (he was my uncle)
Bettie to Cal Mullins
Don't know John's wife's name.
Alan married Mary Cummings. He was killed by a limb from a tree. His wife was my dearest friend.

Mart Hix married Hiat
Wilmoth Hix to Joe Poynter. He was killed by a runaway horse.
Sam Hix never married. He was a killed by a train (brakeman)



The 1870 census for District 1, Rockcastle County, Kentucky lists: Joseph (farmer), Mahala, the Carson children from his first marriage (David and Samuel), the Hicks children (Wilmouth, Martin, and Samuel), Martha Carson, age 3, and Stephen Green Carson, age one month (born April). [I believe that Stephen Green Carson was named after Stephen Green Brown.]

The 1880 census for Enumeration District: 97, Rockcastle Co., Kentucky lists: Joseph (farmer), Mahala, their children (Martha and Stephen), and twenty-four year old David Carson (farm hand).

The 1900 census for Livingston, Rockcastle Co., Kentucky shows the widow Mahala living with her daughter Susan (Cummins) Mullins. Susan, also a widow, seemed to be very involved with real estate, including a hotel.


Mahala Jane Owens was mentioned frequently in the Mt Vernon Signal Newspaper:

· July 1, 1898 “Miss Susie Poynter of Corbin is visiting her grandmother Mrs Carson”

· Sept 28, 1900, Livingston “Mrs Mahaley Carson has returned from an extended visit to relatives” 

· November 9, 1906 “Mrs. Mahala Carson is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Dick Cummins” [Note: This is Nancy Cummins who married Dick Cummins.]

· November 16, 1906 “Dr. C. R. Sowder, wife and son, of Indianapolis, were the pleasant guests of the doctor's grandmother, Mrs. Mahala Carson and also his aunt, Mrs. Sue Mullins and his uncle Mr. Mart Hicks. Dr. Sowder is a native of Rockcastle and his friends and relatives are pleased to see what a success he has made of his profession. They returned to their home Tuesday. Miss Lou Mullins accompanied them where she will enter a school for nurses.” [Note: Charles R. Sowder was the son of Daniel R. Sowder and Eliza A. Cummins.] 

· January 18, 1907, Livingston, “Mrs. Mahala Carson has returned after a pleasant visit to her daughter at Mt Vernon”

· February 8, 1907, “LIVINGSTON NEWS, J. B. Hayes and Mesdames Sue Mullins, George Cook, J. W. Baker, Mahala Carson, Susie Hicks, Thomas Jones, Wilmoth Ford and Master Herbert Oliver were all on the sick list the first of the week, but we are glad to say all are convalescent at this writing.” 

· March 15, 1907 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Among the sick are: James Hall, Uncle John Smith, and Mesdames Mahala Garson, M. A. Adams, and Master Ar'nee Hayes.” 

· April 19, 1907 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Mrs. Martha Brown, of Level Green, is spending a few days with her mother, Mrs. Mahala Carson, and sister, Mrs. Sue Mullins.” 

· April 26, 1907 “Mrs. Mahala Caason is quite sick again at this time.”

· May 3, 1907 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Mrs. Mary Payne, of Pittsburg, is spending a few days with her mother, Mrs. Mahala Carson, who is quite sick.”

· May 31, 1907 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Mrs. Mahala Carson has returned from a week visit with her daughter, Mrs. Cummins at Mt Vernon.”

· August 16, 1907 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Mesdames Sarah Hall, Mahala Carson, Susie Hicks, Lara Hayes and M. A. Adams are on the sick list.”

· September 20, 1907 “Dr. and Mrs. Cooper now of Louisville, but formerly of this place, sent Mrs. Sue Mullins two quart bottles of whiskey to be presented with compliments to Aunt Ann Owens and Aunt Mahala Carson. They say that while they are glad to receive the gift, and thank the giver so much, that they would much rather that only a pint have been sent at a time as they are both great temperance people and fear they might accidentally get too much.” [Note: Ann Owens is Angeline Mullins, the wife of Ashley Owens.]

· November 29, 1907 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Aunt Hala Carson is quite sick at this writing. - Mrs. Susie Hicks is slightly improved.” [Note: This is Mary Susan Hiatt, the wife of William Martin Hicks.]

· December 13, 1907 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Mrs. Mahala Carson is in Mt Vernon visiting her daughter, Mrs. Cummins.”

· January 10, 1908 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Mrs. Mahala Carson has been quite sick but is some better at this writing. - Mrs. Susie Hicks is better today.”

· February 21, 1908 “LIVINGSTON NEWS Mesdames J. B. Hayes, Ann Owens, Cleva Foley, Clara Hayes and sister Arnee Hayes are all on the sick list. - Mrs. Rebecca Lucas is attending the bedside of her sister, Mrs. Susie Hicks. - George Griffin has accepted a position in the L & N yards here. - Mrs. Mary Payne of Altamont is spending the week with her mother, Mrs. Mahala Carson.

· March 6, 1908 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Mrs. Mahala Carson and Mrs. Ann Owens are better.”

· April 24, 1908 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Mrs. Mahala Carson is visiting in Jellico, Tenn. for a few weeks.”

· May 1, 1908 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Mrs. Susie Mullins informs us that her mother, Mrs. Mahala Carson is very low at the home of her son, Steve Carson where she is visiting in Jellico.”

· May 8, 1908 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Mrs. Mahala Carson, whom we reported as being very sick at home in Jellico, was brought the home to her daughter, Mrs. Sue Mullins this week and she at present is in a very serious condition. - Aunt Ann Owens has returned from a lengthy visit to her daughter, Mrs. W. D. Griffin in Jellico. - John Griffin and wife, of Jellico are visiting relatives at this place.”

· May 15, 1908 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Grandma Carson is in a very serious condition. All hope of her recovery has been given up, and it is only a matter of a few days with her. She has lost all consciousness. Her children and friends all realize her condition and are tenderly watching her bedside for the final summons.” “LOCAL NEWS, Aunt Mahala Carson died yesterday and will be buried at Freedom today.”

· May 22, 1908 “LIVINGSTON NEWS, Mrs. Mahala Carson died last Thursday. She had reached that ripe old age of 81 years, 9 months and 29 days. She had been married three times. First to Moses Cummins to which union was born fives girls and two boys. Her second marriage was to Milton Hicks and to that union two boys and one girl was born. Her third marriage was to Joseph Carson and to this union there was one boy and one girl born. Seven out of the thirteen children are still living. Aunt "Haly" as she was familiarly known, was a sister of the late Old Uncle Ashly Owens and Uncle Martin Owens. She was buried at Providence cemetery.” “QUAIL NEWS, Aunt Mahala Carson died at Livingston Thursday last at early dawn of old age. She was about 83 years of age. She was a sister of the late Rev. Martin Owens. The remains were brought here Friday where they were laid to rest in the Providence cemetery to await the final Resurrection.”


Rockcastle County, KY, Cemetery Records, Bonham & Hiatt for the Providence Cemetery:

Mahaly Owens w/Moses Cummins, Milt Hix, and Joe Carson
15 Jul 1826 - 14 May 1908

Double stone - Carson
Joseph Carson
12 Nov 1822 - 20 Dec 1855 
[Death date in error, should be 1893.]


(Preacher) David Carson was a minister at the Providence Church of Christ (located just west of Quail, Rockcastle County, Kentucky).

See Photos of Providence Cemetery


Descendants of Mahala Jane Owens


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