The Carson Family

From Washington County, Virginia 
To Rockcastle County, Kentucky
To Jellico, Tennessee
To Davie, Broward County, Florida


(Preacher) David Carson
Born: February 04, 1798 in Washington Co, Virginia
Died: December 15, 1876 in Crab Orchard, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Ancestors of (Preacher) David Carson:

Grand Parents: David Carson, born about 1741 and Elizabeth Dysart, born about 1745 in Washington Co., VA

Parents: Joseph Carson, born July 2, 1777 in Abingdon, Washington Co., VA and Mary A. Evans, born November 16, 1776 in Maryland

(Preacher) David Carson, the grandfather of Stephen Green Carson (Grandpa Carson), was born February 4, 1798 in Washington Co, Virginia. Around 1800, Joseph Carson, relocated Mary "Polly" Evans, his wife of three years and David, their first born child, to Rockcastle County, Kentucky on the western end of the “Wilderness Trail.” Photo of some of the children of Joseph Carson and his wife Mary Evans.

(Preacher) David Carson was born February 04, 1798 in Washington County, Virginia and died December 15, 1876 in Crab Orchard, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. 

On June 16, 1819 in Washington County, Virginia, (Preacher) David Carson married Catherine Lawrence, who was born on June 16, 1801 in Washington Co., Virginia and died May 11, 1882 in either Rockcastle County or Lincoln County, Kentucky.

Catherine Lawrence was the daughter of William Lawrence and Sarah Booth and brother of Tartulus Lawrence. (Tartulas Lawrence married David’s sister, Ruth.) 

Catherine "Katy" Lawrence's grandfather, John Lawrence, a Baptist minister in Dutchess County, New York, served in the militia during the Revolutionary War. After this John Lawrence went to live with his son(s) in Montgomery Co., Virginia, where he died. One of the sons of Elder John Lawrence was William Lawrence, the father of Catherine "Katy" Lawrence

The DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition - Part 2, page 1755, lists William Lawrence as a private in the Duchess Co., New York Militia during the Revolutionary War. He applied for a pension on 25 January 1834, in Rockcastle Co., KY.


Lawrence, William Pvt. VA militia; 11 June 1834; $58.76; age at time of application, 70; on Rockcastle County, Kentucky pension roll. 

"Laurence, Wm" in Rockcastle County, Kentucky is listed on page 279 in Part V: Virginia Pensioners Living Outside Virginia in 1835 in "Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War" by J. T. McAllister, 1913. 

(Preacher) David Carson was a minister at the Providence Church of Christ (located just west of Quail, Rockcastle County, Kentucky). Susan Ellen Sowder (the wife of Stephen Green Carson) had this to say about (Preacher) David Carson: “I remember my mother saying her cousin walked out of church house where he preached little infants in hell. I suppose he preached on Baptism in those days. I don't suppose he had much education. Church is now called the Church of Christ. Seems like in those days they called it Reformed Church. It's at Providence. Your Grandpa Joe and Mahala Jane Owens Cummins Hix Carson have their tombstone there.”

Susan Ellen Sowder also said, Grandpa Joe's sisters -- I don't know if these are all there were: 
*Aunt Mealia Eldar. I knew David, John, and Jake. If they were married I have forgotten. I believe a girl who married John Cash.
*Aunt Martha Craig. They had three children. I only knew John Gilis and McFount Gilis. They married sisters, Lizzie and Sallie Owens. Gilis had one boy named Joe Mat after his two grandfathers. McFount had none. John married a widow. Don't know if he had any or not. 
*Aunt Kate McGee had five. Four boys: Joe, John, Sam, and Harry. One girl, Bessie.
*I don't know how many Aunt Bettie Holman had. I know she had a Jeff that married his cousin, Aunt Ruth Coffee. 

(Preacher) David Carson and Katy Lawrence had fourteen children. (Photo from Rockcastle County, Kentucky Historical Society)

1. Permelia Andrys Carson was born June 13, 1820 in Kentucky. She married John Elder in 1835 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. (A John Elder officiated at the wedding of Stephen Green Carson and Susan E Sowder.) Permelia’s son, Stephen Elder, married Wilmouth Owens, the sister of Mahala Jane Owens who was the mother of Stephen Green Carson. Permelia’s daughter, Jane C. Elder, married Tartelles Proctor, the grandson of Tartulas Lawrence and Ruth Carson.

2. Martha Ann Carson was born March 3, 1821 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky. She married Joseph James Craig, son of William Craig and Mary Carson, and grandson of David Carson and Elizabeth Dysart.

3. Joseph Carson was born October 12, 1822 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. About 1847, Joseph married Catherine Harness. They had eight children before she died on December 18, 1863. Joseph Carson, in about 1864 in Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky married Mahala Jane Owens. Mahala had been married twice before: Moses Cummins (seven children) and Milton Hicks (three children). Mahala Jane Owens and Joseph Carson had two children: Martha Carson and Stephen Green Carson. Joseph Carson died in December of 1893
in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. For more information on Joseph Carson. (See photos of Joseph Carson) 

4. Mary Carson was born January 21, 1825 in Rockcastle Co. or Lincoln Co., Kentucky. (Died in infancy)

5. Sarah C. Carson was born December 10, 1826 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky. In about 1850 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky she married George W. Payne.

6. John Evan Carson was born in Dec 13, 1828 in Lincoln Co., Kentucky. [He was named after his uncle John Evans Carson.]

7. George Carson was born about 1830 in Tennessee.

8. William Lawrence Carson was born November 7, 1830 in Rockcastle Co. or Lincoln Co., Kentucky. He married Anna Buzard.

9. Betsy C. Carson was born January 1833 in Rockcastle Co. or Lincoln Co., Kentucky. (Died in infancy)

10. Jane C. Carson was born January 4, 1834 in Rockcastle Co. or Lincoln Co., Kentucky. On March 12, 1863 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky, she married Fountain E. Gentry.

11. Catherine S. Carson was born March 22, 1837 in Rockcastle Co. or Lincoln Co., Kentucky. On December 1, 1863 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky, she married John Magee. Their daughter, Bessie C. Magee, married J. Henry Browning. [Note: Elizabeth Jane Carson (daughter of Joseph Carson and his first wife Catherine Harness) never married and as an adult lived with Catherine (Carson) Magee.]

12. Mary Ann Carson was born November 12, 1840 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky. (Died in girlhood)

13. Ruth L. Carson was born February 14, 1844 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky. On February 7, 1884 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky she married Thomas Jefferson Coffey. Their daughter, Perlina Coffey, in about 1903 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky married her first cousin, Thomas Jefferson Holman. [Note: Thomas Jefferson Holman was the son of Elizabeth Margaret "Betty" Carson and Daniel Holman.]

14. Elizabeth Margaret "Betty" Carson was born April 10, 1848 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky. On January 8, 1868 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky, she married Daniel Holman, the brother of Samuel David Holman, and the son of James Holman and Martha Ramsey.

Lincoln County Will Book 5, pages 340 and 342
Will of Daniel Holman of Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, Kentucky.
March 4, 1903
Gave "his mark"
Witnesses: W.E. Perkins and J.E. Holman
Subscribing witnesses: W.C. Pettms (?) and J.C McWhorter
Executor: his son, James E Holman
*After debts paid, all cash to son, William C Holman
* Beds and bedding: 1st choice to son, William C Holman; 2nd choice to son, Joseph W Holman; remainder to be divided by sons: James E Holman, David Holman, and Thomas J Holman.
*Horse, bridle, and corn to son, Joseph W Holman
*Buggy and buggy harness to son, James E Holman
*real estate to be sold and proceeds divided equally among heirs



1850 Census, Kentucky, Rockcastle County, Southern District, pages 179 & 180
Images 485,486, & 487 Roll M432_217
Jos W. Brooks, September 13 - 17, 1850

Dwelling 330, Household 330
David Carson     age 51     born Va    Farmer     $850 Real Estate
Catherine           age 50     born Va
George              age 30     born Tenn
Sarah                age 23     born Ky
Jane                  age 15
Catherine           age 13
Mary                 age 7
Ruth                  age 5
William              age 20
Betsy                 age 3

Dwelling 331, Household 331
John Elder         age 34      born Ky      Farmer
Permelia            age 31
Nancy               age 13
David                age 11
Stephen             age 9
Sarah                age 5
Hanah               age 8 mos.

Dwelling 333, Household 332
Joseph Craig      age 35     born Ky       Farmer
Margaret            age 30 
David                 age 8
Catherine            age 5
William               age 1


1860 census, Mt Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky, page 31
Image 492 Roll M653_393
Enumerator: A. Crawford, June 16, 1860

Dwelling 260, Household 260, Line 8
David Carson      age 62   born Va   Christian Minister   $1500 Real
Catherine  "         age 59        "
Jane         "          age 22   born Ky   female teacher
Catherine  "         age 20        "         school
Mary        "         age 18        "             "
Ruth         "         age 16       "              "
Elizabeth   "         age 13       "              "

Dwelling 265, Household 265, Line 29
James Carson       age 36   born Ky  Farmer $300 Real $150 Personal
Catherine   "         age 40   born Va
Wm          "          age 16   born Ky   school
Elizabeth   "          age 14        "             "
Permelia    "          age 11       "              "
Margaret   "           age 8        "              "
David       "           age 6         "
John         "           age 4         "
Joseph      "           age 2        "
Samuel     "         age 5 mos    "
(Note: Name should be Joseph Carson, not James)


1870 Census, Mt Vernon, Voting District 6, Rockcastle County, Kentucky, page 10
Image 174 Roll M593_497
Enumerator: William Sowder, August 31, 1870
Dwelling # 70, Household # 66, Line 16
Carson, David   age 72   born Va   Farmer $1650 Real $620 Personal
Catherine           age 70   born Va   keeping house 
Ruth                  age 25   born Ky  At home
Carson, William  age 22   born Ky Works on Farm

Some of the neighbors of Preacher David Carson (Household # 66) were:
Household # 62, Elder, David (Son of John Elder and Permelia Andrys Carson, daughter of Preacher David Carson)
Household # 64, Craig, Joseph (Married Martha Ann Carson, daughter of Preacher David Carson)
Household # 67, Elder, Stephen (Son of John Elder and Permelia Andrys Carson, daughter of Preacher David Carson) 
Household # 68 Elder, John (Married Permelia Andrys Carson, daughter of preacher David Carson)
Household # 69 Gentry, Fountain (Married Jane C. Carson, daughter of Preacher David Carson)
Household # 70 Lawrence, Tartula (Brother of Catherine Lawrence, wife of Preacher David Carson)


1880 Federal Population Census 
Rockcastle County, KY Enumeration District: 97 
Microfilm Roll T9 440, Starts on Census Page 395
Enumerator W. A. B. Davis, June 1, 1880
Household 67
Carson, Catherine   79   W   F wd.      hk       VA NY NY
Carson, Ruth          36   W   F  s   daughter    KY VA VA
(Note: the Household is next to Daniel Holman, who married Elizabeth Margaret Carson, daughter of Preacher David Carson)


(Preacher) David Carson (died Dec 15, 1876), his wife Catherine Lawrence (died May 11, 1882), and some of their children are buried in the Lawrence-Proctor Cemetery, which is located on a hilltop on a farm in Quail, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. 

(Preacher) David Carson "I died at my post" and Catherine (Lawrence) Carson, wife of (Preacher) David Carson (See L-P Cemetery Page Two)

Permelia Andrys Carson (daughter of Preacher David Carson and Catherine Lawrence) and her husband John Elder

Martha Ann (Carson) Craig (daughter of Preacher David Carson and Catherine Lawrence)

Fountain E. Gentry, husband of Jane C. Carson (daughter of Preacher David Carson and Catherine Lawrence)

Elizabeth Margaret Carson (daughter of Preacher David Carson and Catherine Lawrence) and her husband Daniel Holman (son of James Holman and brother of Samuel David Holman) (See L-P Cemetery Page Three)

Ruth Carson (sister of Preacher David Carson) and her husband Tartulus Lawrence, brother of Catherine Lawrence


[Note: Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Holman (the son of Daniel Holman and Elizabeth Margaret Carson) married Perlina Coffey (daughter of Thomas Jefferson Coffey and Ruth L Carson). Ruth L Carson and Elizabeth Margaret Carson are daughters of Preacher David Carson and Catherine Lawrence. 

Jeff Holman and his wife Lina are buried in the Piney Grove Cemetery, Brodhead, Rockcastle County, Kentucky.]


March 22, 1884 Rockcastle County, Kentucky Deed Book Q pages 55 & 56
Deed of conveyance between on one part Daniel Holman and his wife Elizabeth and on the other part Fountain F Gentry, all of Rockcastle County. [Preacher David Carson’s daughter Elizabeth Margaret Carson married Daniel Holman and Preacher David Carson’s daughter Jane C. Carson married Fountain E. Gentry.]
For six hundred and fifty dollars, Holman sold Gentry a 100-acre tract on the waters of Brush Creek in Rockcastle County, part of a farm family award by David Carson, decd. The description mentions: 
* John Elder and W G Proctor’s corner [Preacher David Carson’s sister Polly Carson married Joseph B Proctor and Preacher David Carson’s daughter Permelia Andrys Carson married John Elder.]
* following the meanders of Brush Creek
* mouth of the lane leading to the house
* sycamore on Craig’s line [Preacher David Carson’s daughter Martha Ann Carson married Joseph James Craig
* stone on George Proctor’s Spring branch
* Stephen Elder’s thorn bush corner
* Stephen and John Elder’s corner



Descendants of Preacher David Carson


Preacher David Carson and Judge John Evans Carson were brothers.



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