Francis Rudolph 



According to the 1850 census, Francis "Frank" Rudolph was born in 1791 in Germany. (The 1860 census says that he was born in Holland, but the census taker may have confused “Deutsche” with “Dutch”.)


The Pennsylvania Archives, series 2, volume 17, pages 557 – 559 lists the names of foreigners arriving in Pennsylvania:

Brig Mary. Capt. Earl., from Hamburg. July 30, 1796

Jacob Rudolph, a carpenter, age 50
Ann Mary Rudolph, age 48
Mary Catherine Rudolph, age 18
Christian Rudolph, age 16
Abraham Rudolph, age 14
Mary Ann Rudolph, age 7
Francis Rudolph, age 5

Jacob may have had relatives already in Pennsylvania.


It appears that the Jacob Rudolph household remained in Philadelphia for a while.

1800 United States Federal Census Record
Name: Rudolph, Jacob 
Township: Northern Liberties (East) 
County: Philadelphia 
State: Pennsylvania 
Image Source: Year: 1800; Census Place: Northern Liberties (East), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Roll: 42; Page: 356; Image: 110.

Male under 10 one (Francis?)
Male 10 to 16 one (Abraham?)
Male 16 to 26 one (Christian?)
Male 45 and over one (Jacob?)
Female 16 to 26 one (Mary Catherine?)
Female 45 and over one (Ann Mary?)
Note: no listing for Mary Ann?

1800 United States Federal Census Record
Name: Rudolph, Christian 
Township: Vincent 
County: Chester 
State: Pennsylvania 
Image Source: Year: 1800; Census Place: Vincent, Chester, Pennsylvania; Roll: 36; Page: 793; Image: 222.
Male under 10 three
Male 26 to 45 one
Female under 10 one
Female 26 to 45 one

The 1800 census shows two other Jacob Rudolphs in Pennsylvania 



By 1810, the Jacob Rudolph, his wife, and one son were in Allegheny County.

1810 United States Federal Census Record
Name: Jacob Rudolph x-x-x-1-1 x-x-x-x-1-x-x
Township: Ross 
County: Allegheny 
State: Pennsylvania 
Image Source: Year: 1810; Census Place: Ross, Allegheny, Pennsylvania; Roll: 44; Page: 292; Image: 150.00.
Males 26 to 45 one (who is this?)
Males 45 and over one (Jacob?)
Females 45 and over one (Ann Mary?)

1810 United States Federal Census Record
Name: Christian Rudolph 
Township: Euchland 
County: Chester 
State: Pennsylvania 
Image Source: Year: 1810; Census Place: Euchland, Chester, Pennsylvania; Roll: 47; Page: 343; Image: 121.00.
Males under 10 two
Males 10 to 16 one
Males over 45 one
Females under 10 one
Females 26 to 45 one

Also in Ross Township Allegheny County in the 1810 census are George Leichtenberger and his son John George Leichtenberger:

The 1810 census shows two other Jacob Rudolphs in Pennsylvania 



There are no Rudolphs in Allegheny County in the 1820 census

There are three Jacob Rudolphs in the 1820 United States Census for Pennsylvania 

There is a Christian Rudolph listed in Kensington, Philadelphia, PA. There is no Abraham Rudolph or Francis Rudolph listed in Pennsylvania.



About 1820 Francis Rudolph married Catherine Leichtenberger.

This article on George Leichtenberger states that George’s daughter (Catherine) by his second wife married Frank Rudolph.

Author: Parke, John E., 1806-1885.
Title: Recollections of seventy years and historical gleanings of
Allegheny, Pennsylvania / by John E. Parke.
Originally Published: Boston : Rand, Avery & Company, 1886.
Pages 335 – 337 Bio of George Leichtenberger


The land records below establish that George Leichtenberger purchased the land that is mentioned in later articles about George Isaac Rudolph II, grandson of Francis Rudolph.

Penn's Manor
Thomas and Richard Penn
Warrant Jan 5, 1769
Surveyed March 27, 1769
Patented May 19, 1769

The following is from "Abstracts of Deed Books I & II, Allegheny County, Pa" compliled by Helen L. Harriss, 1984
Deed Book II, page 108

Sept 5, 1787 Indent.
John Penn, Jr and John Penn to George Lettenberger, yeoman of Pgh
10 pounds
#384 in Wood's Plan on Diamond Alley and Fifth Street
Recorded May 26, 1790


This property is not mentioned in the Will of George Li=eichtenberger.


Francis Rudolph and his family are in the 1830 census for Allegheny Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (Image 176 Roll M19_144)

Francis Rudolph
Males under five = one (John?)
Males five to ten = one (George Isaac?)
Males 30 to 40 = one (Francis?)
Females five to ten = one (Ann?)
Females 10 to 15 = one (Margaret?)
Females 50 to 60 = one (Catherine?)

On the next line is George Lighthill, the brother of Catherine (Leichtenberger) Rudolph
Males five to ten one
Males 10 to 15 two
Males 15 to 20 two
Males 20 to 30 two
Males 30 to 40 one
Females five to ten one
Females 15 to 20 two
Females 40 to 50 one


I have not located Francis Rudolph in the 1840 census.


Francis Rudolph and his family are in the 1850 Census for the City of Allegheny, First Ward, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (Image # 11 Roll M432_744) 

Enumerator: T. S. McMillian, August 2, 1850
Dwelling # 57, Household # 61, Line 12

Rudolf, Francis     age 58 born Germany $10,000 value real estate
Catherine             age 73 born Alleg.Co, Pa
Margaret             age 27             "
Ann                     age 25             "
John                     age 23             "         laborer attended school
Abraham              age 20             "             "             "
Catherine             age 16             "
Dickson, George     age 9
Dickson, Catherine  age 8 mos.

His son George Isaac Rudolph I was living nearby (Dwelling # 54, Household # 58)

Rudolf, George         age 24 born Alleg.Co, Pa Fisherman
Sarah                       age 19             "
George                     age 1              " 

Nearby in the 1850 census was Catherine Leichtenberger’s brother John George Leichtenberger, who had changed his name to Lighthill, and his sons. 


Francis and his son George Isaac Rudolph I are both listed as fishermen in the 1852 Directory for Allegheny County, PA (page 119)

Rudolph Francis, Fisherman, Rebecca Street
Rudolph George, Fisherman, Rebecca Street

Print Source: Woodward & Rowlands' Pittsburgh directory for 1852 : containing the names of the inhabitants of Pittsburgh and Allegheny. 
Woodward and Rowlands' Pittsburgh directory for 1852 
98, 24 p. : ill.. ; 23 cm. Pittsburgh: W.S. Haven, 1852. 


Francis and his son George Isaac Rudolph I are in the 1857-58 Directory for Pittsburgh and Vicinity by George H Thurston. Also included are a John (his son?) and a Christian (his brother?)

Rudolf, Francis, turner, home Rebecca between Belmont and Ridge, Allegheny
Rodolph, George, fisherman, home corner of Rebecca and Belmont, Allegheny
Rudolph, Christian, warehouseman at Zug and Painters, home Allegheny
Rudolf, John, blacksmith 130 Mulberry Avenue


Catherine (Leichtenberger) Rudolph is listed in the 1850 census, but not the 1860 census.

Index to Allegheny County, Pa Wills
Vol. 1-12 1789 - 1869
Compiled by Bob & Mary Closson

Rudolph, Catherine
Volume 8, page 422

Allegheny County Court Records 
Wills/Orphans' Court Division
City-County Building
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Copy of the Will of Catherine (Leichtenberger) Rudolph




Francis Rudolph (but not his wife) and his family are in the 1860 census for Allegheny Ward 1, Allegheny, Pennsylvania (Image # 28 Roll M653_1067)
Enumerator: Wm. Ellis, June 6th, 1860, Page 564

Dwelling #160, Family #159, Lines 1 through 11

name                     age     sex         occup.             Value of Real Estate
Francis Rudolph     69     male         wood turner?    $12,000
Margaret Rudolph  45     female 
John Rudolph         37     male         fisherman 
Catherine Rudolph  29     female   married within year
Catherine Dixon     10     female
William       "           9     male
Mary          "           7     female
Margaret    "           7     female
Sarah         "            2     female
George       "          15    male             bent hears?
John Snyder            37     male                 "
Francis Rudolph was born in Holland, everyone else in Pennsylvania.
Margaret Rudolph and John Rudolph were over 20 and could read/write

Living nearby was his son George Isaac Rudolph I. 

Dwelling # 161, Family #160, Line 12

George Rudolph     37     male fisherman $6,000 real estate, $500 personal
Sarah Rudolph        21     female
George Rudolph     10     male     school
William Rudolph       9     male     school
Emma Rudolph         7     female   school
Edwin Rudolph         5     male
Mary Rudolph         1      female
All born in Pennsylvania.


Francis and his son John, the widow of his son George, and his grandson, George Isaac Rudolph II are listed in the Directory of Pittsburgh and Allegheny cities, 1864-1865. (Originally Published: Pittsburgh: University Library System's Digital Research Library, 2003).

Rudolf Francis, Farmer, Preble and Franklin, Manchester
Rudolf John, Fisherman, Preble and Franklin, Manchester
Rudolph Sarah W, widow, 53 Rebecca Street, Allegheny
Rudolph George, gentleman, Rebecca Street, Allegheny


Francis Rudolph is not listed in the 1870 United States Federal Census 


Francis Rudolph and Catherine Leichtenberger had six children:

1. Margaret Rudolph, born about 1823.

2. Ann Rudolph, born about 1825.

3. George Isaac Rudolph, born about 1826.

4. John Rudolph, born about 1827.

5. Abraham Rudolph, born about 1830.

6. Catherine Rudolph, born about 1834.







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