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George Isaac Rudolph II was born on July 11, 1850 in Allegheny City, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

He was the son of George Isaac Rudolph and Sarah W. Knell and the grandson of Francis (Frank) Rudolph and Katherine Leichtenberger.

Pages 100 and 101 of the  Sesqui-centennial and historical souvenir of the Greater Pittsburgh / edited and compiled by Henry Brownfield Scott (Originally Published: Pittsburgh : [s.n.], 1908) contains a bio of George I. Rudolph II.

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George is listed in the 1850 Census, City of Allegheny, First Ward, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (Image # 11   Roll M432_744   Page 5) with his father George (24 year old fisherman) and his nineteen year old Mother, Sarah. Living nearby were his grandparents, Francis and Catherine Rudolph.

He attended the First Ward School in the North Side, along with Andrew Carnegie and Henry Phipps.

George, age 10, is listed in the 1860 Census, 1st Ward, Allegheny City, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (Image # 281  Roll M653_1067) with his parents and siblings: William, age 9; Emma, age 7; Edwin, age 5; and Mary, age 1. Living nearby was his grandfather, Francis Rudolph.

George enlisted in Company G, 87th Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania on February 28,1865. He was wounded on April 2, 1865. He was mustered out on June 29, 1865 in Alexandria, Virginia as a private (Source: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865. [PARoster] Published in 1870)

Military Record

George Isaac Rudolph II served General Grant as Night Sentinel (Guard). He served picket duty each night outside of General Grant's tent. He and another soldier (Bob Falk) were picked for this duty because they were the best shots in the regiment. (Both were redheads.) Photo of George Isaac Rudolph II  at GAR reunion, with grandson of General Grant.

George Isaac Rudolph II was known in the north side of Pittsburgh as the "Man who knew Lincoln." He was wounded twice at Petersburg, and was treated at a military hospital at City Point at the mouth of the Appomattox River. President Abraham Lincoln came to visit the hospital and spent time with George Isaac Rudolph II. (Source: December 24, 1928 article in Pittsburgh Press)

12-24-1928 article

12-24-1928 photo

Civil War Pension Index: George Rudolph; State Filed: Pennsylvania; Disability (Invalid) Pension; Name: George Rudolph; Service: G, 87, Pa, Inf.; Application date: September 8, 1865;Application # 671914; Certificate # 454558

George I. Rudolph, Private, Company G, 87 Regiment (Infantry) is honored at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh. (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in the war for the suppression of the rebellion, 1861-1865 : roll of honor, defenders of the flag, attack on Fort Sumter, S.C., April 12, 1861, surrender at Appomattox, Va., April 9, 1865 / published by authority of the Board of Managers, Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall ; compiled and arranged by and under the direction of Samuel M. Evans. Originally Published: Pittsburgh, Pa. : [s.n.], 1924.)

The Constitution of the Pittsburgh Rod and Gun Club, 1884, Pittsburgh. (Printed by James McMillin, 111 Third Avenue) says that after George Rudolph, in 1865, returned home from the Army, he and a younger brother camped on the banks of the Ohio river while he recuperated. In 1867, he organized the George I. Rudolph Fishing Club, with seven members.   On July 7, 1883, the name was changed to the Pittsburgh Rod and Gun Club.  (Recorded in Allegheny County Charter Book No. 8 on page 99.)

The 1864-1865 Directory of Pittsburgh, PA listed: George, his widowed mother, his grandfather, Francis, and his uncle, John.

Rudolph George, gentleman, Rebecca Street, Allegheny

Rudolph Sarah W, widow, 53 Rebecca Street, Allegheny

Rudolf Francis, Farmer, Preble and Franklin, Manchester

Rudolf John, Fisherman, Preble and Franklin, Manchester

George, age 21 and a Roller in Dora Mill, is listed in the 1870 United States Federal Census, Allegheny Ward 5, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (Roll: M593_1291 Page:  469 Image: 274) along with his 39 year old mother, Sarah, and his siblings: William, age 19 and wks in Dora Mill; Emma, age 16; Edwin, age 15 and wks in Spong shop; Mary E, age 13, and Allen, age 8.

The Directory of Pittsburgh and Allegheny cities, 1877-1878. (Originally Published: Pittsburgh : University Library System's Digital Research Library, 2003) lists Sarah, the widow of George I. Rudolph; George I Rudolph II; and John, a brother of George I. Rudolph.
Rudolph, Sarah, 39 Grant Avenue, Allegheny
Rudolph, George R, heater, 39 Grant Avenue, Allegheny
Rudolph, John, laborer, 90 Preble Avenue, Allegheny

On December 25, 1878 at the Hoard homestead (the A.B. Hoard Lock #9, Monongalia County, West Virginia) George Isaac Rudolph II married Anna Elizabeth Hoard

Anna Elizabeth Hoard, born May 9, 1858 in Monongalia County, West Virginia (then Virginia). She was the daughter of Aaron Brooks Hoard and Sarah Ann Pickenpaugh. Anna Elizabeth Hoard was the great granddaughter of John Hoard, born July 27, 1729 in King George County, Virginia, who served as a Captain in the Revolutionary War under General Hand, Virginia Militia. He served in Dunmore's War at the battle of Point Pleasant. 

I have been unable to locate George Isaac Rudolph II and Anna Elizabeth Hoard in the 1880 census. There is no 1890 census.

Pittsburgh City Directory, 1890 (Pittsburgh, PA: J. F. Diffenbacher, 1890) shows Geo I Rudolph as a US Internal Revenue deputy collector for the 23rd district, 91 Fifth Avenue, room 211. The second location was 35 Brown, Allegheny. 

George I. Rudolph II was on the Accommodations Committee of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) at the 1894 national meeting in Pittsburgh. (Author: Grand Army of the Republic. Dept. of Pennsylvania. Title: The 28th National Encampment, GAR, September 10th 1894.Originally Published: Pittsburgh : H. D. W. English, c1894.)
The Grand Army of the Republic was an organization for individuals with an honorable discharge from the armies or navies of the Nation during the war against the rebellion. The maximum G.A.R. membership was attained in 1890, with 409,489.   At the close of the year 1929, membership was 21,080. In 1928, he was the department head at the Pennsylvania G.A.R. Four times he had been commander of the post. In 1949, six surviving members permanently closed the GAR. 

The History of the Allegheny Fire Department as gleaned from its earliest inciniency and from Fire Department records (Originally Published: [Allegheny?] : [1894 or 95]) identifies George I Rudolph as a member of the Common Council.

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George, age 50 and a factory inspector, is listed in the1900 Census for Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, Allegheny, Ward 5, (HH # 185, 1406 Western Avenue) along with his wife Anna E, age 42 and their children: Aaron H, born Jan 1880 in Pennsylvania; Frank W, born Sept 1881 in West Virginia; Clyde A, born Nov 1883 in Pennsylvania; Reece Evans, born Dec 1884 in Pennsylvania; Walter M, born Dec 1890 in Pennsylvania.

George, 59 years old and an inspector for the state, is listed in the1910 Census for the 21-Wd Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania (HH # 76, 1406 Western Avenue) along with his wife Anna E, age 51 and their children: Frank W, age 28, born in West Virginia, single and physician; Clyde A, age 26, for in Pennsylvania, single, and electrical engineer; Reece E, age 24, born in Pennsylvania, single, and chemist in steel works; and Walter M, age 18, born in Pennsylvania, and single. Aaron H, a cable lineman for the telephone company, is listed in the District 103, 8-Wd Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio census along with his wife Clara M and their daughter Leah A.

George, age 70 and an inspector for the state, is listed in the1920 Census for Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Ward 27, ED 746 (Roll:  T625_1527, Page:  11A, Image:  657) along with his wife Anna E, age 62. Also, living in the house at 1907 Morell Street was his son Walter M and his family.

George, age 79 and a civil war veteran, is listed in the1930 Census for Pa, Allegheny Co, City of Pgh, Ward 27, block 90 (Roll:  T626_1987, ED:  469, Page:  4A, Image:  0009) along with his wife Anna E, age 71. Also, living in the house at 1907 Morell Street was his son Walter M and his family. 

George Isaac Rudolph II and Anna Elizabeth Hoard had seven children.  Three family photos are below.

Photo A      George, Anna, and the five children. (Sarah and George Isaac III died as children)

Photo B       George, Anna, and the five children. (Sarah and George Isaac III died as children)

Photo C       George, Anna, and the five children. (Sarah and George Isaac III died as children)

  1. Aaron Brooks Hoard Rudolph, born January 4, 1880 in Pennsylvania, married Clara Mae Wallace about 1905.
  2. Franklin Williamson Rudolph, born September 5, 1881 in West Virginia, married Marion Louise Banfer on December 7, 1916.
  3. Clyde Ashton Rudolph, born November 13, 1883 in Pennsylvania, married Erma Edna Roll.
  4. Reese Evans Rudolph, born December 21, 1885 in Pennsylvania, married Elizabeth Eckardt.
  5. Sarah H. Rudolph, born July 12, 1888. She died on April 14, 1891 and is buried in the Hoard Cemetery, Monongalia County, West Virginia (located 1 mile south of Pa./WV. Border. It is on U.S. 119/3, left or west side of road, up a small rise. It is situated south of the community of Hoard, and on the east side of the Monongalia River, in the Union District).
  6. Walter Maple Peter Pickenpaugh Rudolph, born December 19, 1891 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, married Gertrude Blanche Bethel about 1915. [Walter M Rudolph (called "Pocky" by his grandchildren), his wife Gertrude Blanche Bethel, and their daughter and her children lived at 1431 Termon Avenue on the northside of Pittsburgh, PA.]
  7. George Isaac Rudolph, III, born January 28, 1894. He died on May 16, 1894 and is buried in the Hoard Cemetery, Monongalia County, West Virginia.

George Isaac Rudolph II died July 15, 1939 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Anna Elizabeth Hoard died May 20, 1945 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

George Isaac Rudolph II obituary

May 30, 1930 newspaper photo

George Isaac Rudolph II second obituary

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