Thomas A. Bell 








Prior Owners:  


1969 John C. Gamaldi

1966 John W. Colbert 

1964 Leora Colbert

April 7, 1928 Ray Devine and Elizabeth H "Betty" Snow (More Info)



1908 Samuel S. Potteiger (husband of Catherine Crum)

April 20, 1908 Daughters of David Crum (Catherine and Mary Crum)

April 1, 1879 David and Sarah Crum

March 18, 1870 Peter and Susannah Hoerner and John S. and Louisa Anna Walter

April 1, 1868 Peter and Susannah Hoerner

April 1, 1856 Jonas F. and Sarah Rudy

November 2, 1854 William K. Cowden, Sarah E. Cowden, and Mary E. Cowden

May 4, 1813 Mathew B. Cowden

June 14, 1798 Thomas and Mary Bell (More Info)

May 17, 1754 William Brown




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