The Carson Family

From Washington County, Virginia 
To Rockcastle County, Kentucky
To Jellico, Tennessee
To Davie, Broward County, Florida


Charles C. Carson born about 1786


David Carson was born about 1741 (not documented) and died about 1803. He lived and worked as a surveyor in and around Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. He was active in religious affairs, community affairs, and the military. 

About 1765, he married Elizabeth Dysart who was born about 1745. Elizabeth Dysart is thought to be the grand-daughter of one of Samuel Dysart's brothers. [Samuel Dysart is the grandfather of James Dysart, the Long Hunter]. Their ninth child (sixth son) was Charles Campbell Carson.

Charles Campbell Carson (photo) was born July 18, 1786 in Abingdon, Washington Co., Virginia and died on March 15, 1863 in either St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., Missouri or Rockcastle Co., Ky. On February 10, 1814 in Washington Co., Virginia, he married Elizabeth Dysart, the daughter of James Dysart (Colonel in Revolutionary War) and Nancy Agnes Beattie

Elizabeth Dysart (photo) was born December 11, 1791 at Brook Hall, her father's home in Abingdon, Virginia and died on March 29, 1879 in St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., Missouri.




In 1781 a number of men qualified to be deputies to Robert Preston, the Washington County Surveyor, including: David Carson, Walter Preston, and Charles Campbell.
Source: Page 370 Summers “History of Southwest Virginia”




Settlement between David Craig and other heirs of David Carson
Dated June 19, 1809 in Lincoln County, Kentucky
Dated July 3, 1809 in Knox County, Kentucky, 
Dated August 16, 1809 in Washington County, Virginia
Recorded in Washington County, Virginia Deed Book 4, page 201.
David Craig of Washington Co, Virginia
William Craig and wife Mary of Knox County, Kentucky
William Carson and wife Eleanor of Lincoln County, Kentucky
Joseph Carson and wife Mary of Lincoln County, Kentucky
David Carson and wife Cynthia of Lincoln County, Kentucky
Samuel Carson of Lincoln County, Kentucky
Charles C Carson of Lincoln County, Kentucky
From David Craig, $1500
From other heirs, interest in land in Washington County, Virginia on a branch of the Middle Fork of the Holstein River. Same land as was granted to David Carson, deceased, by patent dated June 20, 1785. Bounded by: Collin Creely’s land, Thomas Montgomery’s line, Samuel Buchanan’s patent line, Robert Buchanan’s land, except for the 53 acres sold by David Carson to William Moore on March 20, 1792.




Charles Campbell Carson served as a Lt. in Capt. Johnston Dysart's Company, 11th Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Volunteers, during the War of 1812. This company was actively engaged at the "Battle of the Thames" in Ontario, Canada on October 5, 1813. (Johnston Dysart was the son of Col James Dysart.)







The Kentucky State Registry for 1847 on pages 149 and 150 show Charles C Carson in Rockcastle County as both Justice of Peace and Constable, and James D Carson as a Commissioner of Tax. Note: James Dysart Carson is the son of Charles Campbell Carson and Elizabeth Dysart (daughter of James Dysart).




C. C. Carson was one of the original members of First Presbyterian Church of St. Joseph, Missouri, organized January 12, 1854.



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