The Carson Family

From Washington County, Virginia 
To Rockcastle County, Kentucky
To Jellico, Tennessee
To Davie, Broward County, Florida


James Dysart, born about 1744


David Carson was born about 1741 (not documented) and died about 1803. He lived and worked as a surveyor in and around Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. 

About 1765, he married Elizabeth Dysart who was born about 1745. Elizabeth Dysart is thought to be the grand-daughter of one of Samuel Dysart's brothers. [Samuel Dysart is the grandfather of James Dysart, the Long Hunter]. 

Some Carson family researchers mistakenly believe that Elizabeth Dysart was the sister of Colonel James Dysart. Other research indicates that Elizabeth Dysart, the sister of James Dysart, was born about 1737 in Ireland, married John Breden in Ireland, and died October 4, 1828 in Back Creek, Sullivan County, Tennessee.)

Two of the sons of David Carson and Elizabeth Dysart married daughters of Colonel James Dysart and Nancy Agnes Beattie. William Carson married Eleanor Dysart and Charles Campbell Carson married Elizabeth Dysart.


James Dysart was born in 1744 in Donegal County, Ireland. In 1761, he came to America (Philadelphia and then Western Pennsylvania) with his grandfather, Samuel Dysart. (Source: "James Dysart Pioneer and Patriot 1744 - 1818" by Charles Jefferson Griffith, III. Copyright 1985)

James Dysart then joined the "Long Hunters" in their exploration of Tennessee and Kentucky. He settled in Washington County, Virginia and in 1775 he married Nancy Agnes Beattie, the daughter of John Beattie and Ellinor Gilmore.

He was active in religious affairs and local government, serving as a member of the Washington County Court and as county sheriff (appointed by Governor Patrick Henry). He also served in the militia, and was wounded at the Battle of King's Mountain. He also served in the Virginia State Legislature.

American Biographical Library: Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the War of the Revolution, Fifteenth Virginia - Page 209
Dysart, James (Va). Captain Virginia Riflemen; wounded at King's Mountain 7th October, 1780; subsequently served as Major and as Colonel Virginia Militia to close of war.

Around 1806, James Dysart and his son-in-law William Carson moved to Skaggs Creek in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

Johnston Dysart, the son of Colonel James Dysart and Nancy Agnes Beattie, served as a Captain at the Battle of Thames in the War of 1812.

On October 15, 1821, Governor John Adair and the Thirtieth General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky appointed Johnston Dysart and John B Dysart (two of the sons of  Colonel James Dysart and Nancy Agnes Beattie) and their brother-in-law, William Carson (son of David Carson and Elizabeth Dysart) as trustees to establish the Rockcastle Academy, a seminary in Rockcastle County, Kentucky.




James Dysart, the son of Johnston Dysart and Mary Ann Cowan, relocated from Kentucky to Missouri with two of the sons of Joseph Holman, Sr. and Elizabeth Wilson.




Drake vs. Campbell--O. S. 214; N. S. 75--Bill, 8th June, 1807. Orator is John Drake of Kentucky. John Buchanan of Augusta died testate, leaving remainder to three younger daughters or the survivors of them come of age. Orator's father, Joseph Drake, in 1773 married Margaret, one of the daughters of John Buchanan. Prior to 1778 Joseph moved to Kentucky, where in that year he was killed by the Indians, leaving orator infant of very tender years. Margaret afterwards married ---- Jones. Josiah Ramsey deposes, 1809, that the Indians were troublesome in Washington County from 1776 to 1779. Col. Robert Sawyers deposes at Fort Chesel in Wythe County, 1808. He was present at marriage of Joseph Drake and Peggy Buchanan. John Buchanan, son of Col. John Buchanan, deceased, grandfather of orator, was second lieutenant in same Company with deponent in Seventh Regiment of Virginia line on Continental Establishment and in spring of 1777 was detached under command of then Col. Morgan from Middle Brook, New Jersey, against Burgoyne, and was killed at battle of Saratoga. John Floyd sailed in a privateer against the enemy in the fall of 1776, and returned in 1779. Widow of Col. John Buchanan, deceased, married William Anderson shortly after marriage of Joseph Drake and some time before the death of her son John. Patent 23d December, 1779, to Wm. Campbell and Wm. Preston, executors of John Buchanan, deceased, assignee of James Patton, deceased, by survey 1749-50, 1,150 acres part of order of Council to James Patton et als on Sinking Creek waters of Middle Branch of Indian River. Mary Boyd, wife of Andrew Boyd and daughter of Col. John Buchanan, deposes in Wythe, 18th November, 1809. Col. William Preston died in 1784. Anna Buchanan married Ephraim Drake in Kentucky. She was born 28th November, 1765. Joseph Drake and Margaret Buchanan were married in March, 1773. Thomas Boyd deposes. Andrew Boyd deposes. Daniel Young, son of Jacob Young, deposes in Nashville. Col. John Buchanan's will. John Drake lived in Nicholas County, Kentucky. Answer by John and Francis Preston, John Breckenridge. and John Brown, executors of Wm. Preston and administrators with will annexed of John Buchanan, and also of Elizabeth Madison, John Preston, Francis Preston, James McDowell and Sarah, his wife, William Preston, Nathaniel Hart and Susannah, his wife, James P. Preston, John Lewis and Marah, his wife, and Letitia, Thomas and Peggy Preston, infants, by John Preston, their guardian; which said John, Francis, Elizabeth, Sarah, William, Susannah P., James P., Mary, Letitia, Thomas and Peggy are children of William Preston, deceased, Col. James Dysart, aged 65 years, deposes in Lincoln County, 22d June, 1808. In 1776 on account of Indians, Joseph Drake moved to New River near his father's. In 1778 or 1777 he moved to Kentucky. In 1769 deponent and Joseph made a hunting tour of seven months in Kentucky; again in 1771 a tour of nine months, and in 1772 a tour of eleven months. Deponent and Col. Buchanan came from same neighborhood in Ireland and were remotely connected. 



Ancestry.Com Database
Dysart, James 
Acres   Book   Survey   Date   County Water Course 
200      10       4-17-1784         Jefferson     Nolinn 


Abstracts of Washington County VA Will Book No 2, 1791 1812 (Part I:1791-1801) by Jack Hockett, 2002.
Page 177. On April 28, 1798 William Carson took the Oath of Office to be a deputy surveyor from Justice of the peace James Dysart. On June 21, 1798, the Washington County Court ordered that it be recorded.


Two sons of David Carson (William and David, Jr) and James Dysart first appear on the Lincoln County, Kentucky tax list in 1803 (in the area that would later be Rockcastle County). 

In 1804 William, Joseph, and David Jr, are listed on the Lincoln County, Kentucky tax list (in the area that would later be Rockcastle County). 

In 1804, Joseph Carson (b. 1777) bought property from Joshua Wilson, who had bought it from Valentine Harmon. In 1806, David Carson, Jr. is shown in the tax list with some of Samuel Ayres' land. Around the same time James Dysart bought adjoining land from James Knox. 



From Lincoln Co., Kentucky Records - Volume III
February 15, 1803  Record page 77
James Dysart is appointed overseer of the roads in Precinct No. 23 in place of Stephen Langford.


From Lincoln Co., Kentucky Records - Volume III April 13, 1807
p. 396, the County of Lincoln, exclusive of the town of Stanford, lacking three Justices of the Peace and the County Court of the number allowed by law, and a majority of all the Justices being present, it is recommended to the Governor that John Withers and Luke Robertson in the neighborhood of Danville, William Carson and James Dysart on Skaggs Creek, and Benjamin Duncan and Walter Taylor on Dicks River, are proper persons for the offices, one of each to be appointed.



1810 Federal Census, Rockcastle County, Kentucky: 

Carson, (Judge) Wm.; White male 0-9 one; White male 26-44 two; White females 16-25 one; Slaves three.

Dysart, Col. J.S. ; White male 16-25 one; White male 45+ one; White female 16-25 one; White female 45+ one; Slaves five


Archived with permission of Sandi Gorin 
These lists are all the pensioners under the Act of March 18, 1818 and the Act 
of June 7, 1832. The first date is when the individual was placed on the 
pension rolls; the second when the pension began. Age, if shown, would be age 
at time of application (for the act of 1818).
Abney, William Pvt VA line; 25 Oct 1818, 7 Sept 1818; $96; age 77. 
Anderson, James Pvt VA line; 1 Mar 1833; $80; age 72. 
Bates, Humphrey Pvt NC Militia; 6 Aug 1833; $20; age 69. 
Cash, William Pvt VA militia; 23 May 1824; $40; age 81. 
Chasteen, James Pvt VA line; 25 Oct 1819; 7 Sept 1818; $96; age 73. 
Denny, Elijah Pvt NC line; 22 Aug 1833; $60; age 72. 
Craig, William Pvt VA militia; 6 Aug 1833; $20; age 72. 
Dysart, James Capt Rev Army 18 Dec 1806, $120. 
Faris, Moses Pvt VA militia; 16 July 1834; $40; age 75. 
Frost, Micajah Pvt NC militia; 6 Aug 1833; $33.33; age 72. 
Gadd, Thomas Pvt MD militia; 30 May 1833; $20; age 74. 
Gentry, Richard Pvt SC line; 19 Jan 1833; $43.33; age 79. 
Haggard, Henry Pvt VA militia; 11 May 1833; $40; age 76. 
Hamm, John Pvt VA line; 23 Feb 1826; 23 Feb 1826; $96; age 76. 
Harlew, George Pvt VA line; 31 Dec 1833; $50; age 78. 
Johnson, Thomas Pvt. VA militia; 10 July 1834; $20; age 70. 
Lawrence, William Pvt. VA militia; 11 June 1834; $58.76; age 70. 
Moore, William Pvt VA line; 22 Dec 1833; 2 July 1823; $96; age 78. 
Owsley, Thomas Sr Pvt VA line; 5 Mar 1819; 25 Nov 1818; $96; 74; died 3 Nov 1825. 
Pew, Reuben Pvt. NJ line; 31 Dec 1833; $80; age 77. 
Proctor, George Pvt. VA Militia; 31 Oct 1833; $20; age 92. 
Pruett, John Pvt VA line; 6 Sept 1830; 4 Sept 1830; $96; age 80. 
Pumphrey, Peter Pvt. VA state troops; 8 Jan 1834; $80; age 80. 
Ramsey, Francis Dragoon Lee's Legion; 24 Dec 1830; 3 Mar 1826; $100. 
Roberts, Mourning Pvt. VA militia; 9 Aug 1833; $33.33; age 76. 
Scott, Jessie Pvt. NC militia; 30 May 1833; $40; age 72. 
Stevens, James Pvt VA line; 6 Nov 1819; 17 June 1819; $96; age 81. 
Taylor, William Pvt. VA militia; 16 Jan 1833; $20, no age shown. 
Woodall, Charles Pvt. VA militia; 5 Jan 1833; $0, no age shown. 
Woodall, Jesse Sgt & Pvt. MD line; 17 Aug 1833; $21.26; age 84. 



U.S. House of Representative Private Claims, Vol. 1 
Name Nature of Claim Congress Session Manner Brought Journal Page Referred to Committee Date Report Bill House Disposed Senate Disposed Congress Date Comments 

James Dysart Pension 9 2 House bill 608 Whole House 28 Feb 1807 Favorable; bill 216 Passed Passed 03 Mar 1807 App'd 

Col. James Dysart, heirs of Revolutionary pension 22 1 Petition 52 Rev. Pensions Discharged; laid on table 

Col. James Dysart, heirs of Revolutionary pension 31 1 Petition 1245 Rev. Pensions 

Col. James Dysart, heirs of Revolutionary pension 31 2 Petition 431 Rev. Pensions 55 Adverse Laid on table Leave to withdraw 


William Schrader published an article in the Bulletin (Series II, No. 45, 2008) of the Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia regarding David Carson, a Deputy Surveyor for Washington County, Virginia.




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