The Carson Family

From Washington County, Virginia 
To Rockcastle County, Kentucky
To Jellico, Tennessee
To Davie, Broward County, Florida


Mary Carson, born about 1772


David Carson was born about 1741 (not documented) and died about 1803. He lived and worked as a surveyor in and around Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. He was active in religious affairs, community affairs, and the military. 

About 1765, he married Elizabeth Dysart who was born about 1745. Elizabeth Dysart is thought to be the grand-daughter of one of Samuel Dysart's brothers. [Samuel Dysart is the grandfather of James Dysart, the Long Hunter]. David and Elizabeth (Dysart) Carson's second child (first daughter) was Mary.

Mary Carson born about 1772 in Botetourt, Washington Co., Virginia and died December 29, 1844 in Macon, Missouri. On April 8, 1790 in Abingdon, Washington Co., Virginia, Mary married William Craig 




 April 8, 1790 Washington Co. Va Marriage Bond: William Craig to Mary Carson, daughter of David Carson; Security, Andrew Russell; Married by Rev Charles Cummings.

Carson, Mary married Craig, William: 8 April 1790 
Source: Marriage Register Washington County, VA, Courthouse, Abingdon, Virginia




March 17, 1784, Washington County, Virginia Court, Present: Arthur Campbell, John Kinkead, Aaron Lewis, and William Cowan
William Craig served on a jury for the case John Conner Plantiff vs. Daniel McCoy Defendant 
Source: "Annals of Southwest Virginia" by Lewis Preston Summers, Page 1172



Deputy sheriffs in Washington County: in 1782 James Craig; in 1786, Robert Craig, John Craig, and William Craig; in 1791, Hiram Craig; in 1792, William Carson; and in 1797 David Craig.
Source: Page 831 Summers “History of Southwest Virginia”





Washington County Personal Property and Land Book 1792
Upper District: List of David Carson
Name of Tithable     # of White County Levys           # of Slaves
Carson, Samuel                             2                                  0
Craig, William                               1                                   0
Carson, William                             1                                  0
Carson, David                               1                                  0
[Note: I believe the Samuel Carson is the Samuel Carson who was the father of David, born April 15, 1774 who married Mary DeBusk and Samuel, born about 1777 who married Katherine Margaret DeBusk. I believe David Carson is the David Carson who died 1803. The William Carson may be his son who was born about 1776. The William Craig may be the one who married David's daughter, Mary]




"Revolutionary War Veterans in Rockcastle County, Kentucky" material compiled by Jess D. Wilson for the Rockcastle Chapter DAR, Mt. Vernon, Kentucky, November 21, 1980 states: "Item 8, Craig, William, Private Virginia Militia. Pension: August 6, 1833; $20. Age 72. Act of June 7, 1832". 

Revolutionary War Pension Applications of Southwest Virginia Soldiers
Compiled and Edited by Mary B. Kegley, 1997, Pg 96
William (Mary) Craig, W8639

William Craig (turned age 69 on Dec 8th, of Rockcastle Co., Ky) on Dec 24, 1832 declared that:
* He was born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, moved to Fincastle Co., VA (where he lived for 30 years), moved to Blount Co., Tennessee (where he lived for five years), and then moved to Rockcastle Co., Ky.
* He entered the service under Captain James Dysart in Washington Co., VA. He marched with Colonel Campbell to the Haw River in Guilford Co., North Carolina to fight with British and Tories.
* The following winter, he volunteered under Captain Thomas English in Washington Co., Virginia as a frontier guard against Indians.

Joseph Craig (age 38 of Rockcastle Co., Ky) on June 28, 1852 declared that:
* He was the administrator of the estate of Mary Craig, widow of William Craig.
* Mary Craig’s maiden name was Carson.
* William Craig and Mary Carson married in 1790 in Washington Co., Va.
* William Craig died on March 25, 1835 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky.
* Shortly after William’ death, his widow and some of the children moved to Macon Co., Missouri.
* Mary Carson Craig died Dec 29, 1844 in Macon Co., Missouri. Children were: Mary Tinsly, Elizabeth Gullis (age 60), Jane Elder (age 43), Margaret Barnes (age 40), and Joseph Craig (age 38).

Ky Pension Roll William Craig Certificate 19137, issued Aug 6, 1833
Ky Pension Roll Mary Craig Certificate 11391, issued Sept 20, 1852




Settlement between David Craig and other heirs of David Carson
Dated June 19, 1809 in Lincoln County, Kentucky
Dated July 3, 1809 in Knox County, Kentucky, 
Dated August 16, 1809 in Washington County, Virginia
Recorded in Washington County, Virginia Deed Book 4, page 201.
David Craig of Washington Co, Virginia
William Craig and wife Mary of Knox County, Kentucky
William Carson and wife Eleanor of Lincoln County, Kentucky
Joseph Carson and wife Mary of Lincoln County, Kentucky
David Carson and wife Cynthia of Lincoln County, Kentucky
Samuel Carson of Lincoln County, Kentucky
Charles C Carson of Lincoln County, Kentucky
From David Craig, $1500
From other heirs, interest in land in Washington County, Virginia on a branch of the Middle Fork of the Holstein River. Same land as was granted to David Carson, deceased, by patent dated June 20, 1785. Bounded by: Collin Creely’s land, Thomas Montgomery’s line, Samuel Buchanan’s patent line, Robert Buchanan’s land, except for the 53 acres sold by David Carson to William Moore on March 20, 1792.




There were several Craig families in southwestern Virginia during this time period. Different researchers show different parents for the David Craig who married Margaret Carson. Below are my notes from "Three Generations of Craigs in Virginia" by William C. Schrader

John Craig: 
* Was born in Ireland in 1731 and came to Pennsylvania in 1739.
* Was a weaver by trade.
* Enlisted in Militia of Cumberland County in 1755. (He is not the John Craig who was at the Battle of Kings Mountain.)
* Around 1756, he relocated to Shenandoah Valley.
* On April 3, 1761, he married Mary (Molly) Cox, sister of Richard, John, Joshua, and David Cox.
* By 1763, John and Mary had relocated to the section of Augusta Co., VA that later became Fincastle Co and then Montgomery County.
* In 1778 or 1779 the John Craig family moved to what is Wythe County.

David Craig, son of John and Mary Craig:
* Served in the militia of Montgomery County under Jeremiah Pearce.
* Married by Rev. Charles Cummings on Feb 28, 1793 in Washington County to Margaret Carson, daughter of David Carson and Elizabeth Dysart.
* Their children: Robert, William, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Mary.
* Executor of will of David Carson. Acquired rights to the David Carson property (surveyed March 29, 1783).
* Became deputy sheriff of Washington County, VA.
* Died March 27, 1812. 
* Margaret Ann "Peggy" (Carson) Craig was on the 1815 tax rolls in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, living near her brothers: William, Joseph, David, Samuel, and Charles. In the 1820 census she is in Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, Kentucky.
* Margaret’s sister Mary Carson and her husband William Craig moved from Knox County, Kentucky to Rockcastle County, Kentucky sometime between 1820 and 1830. (William Craig not thought to be related to David Craig. William may be related to the Robert Craig of Knox County, Ky.)




Archived with permission of Sandi Gorin
These lists are all the pensioners under the Act of March 18, 1818 and the Act 
of June 7, 1832. The first date is when the individual was placed on the 
pension rolls; the second when the pension began. Age, if shown, would be age 
at time of application (for the act of 1818).
Abney, William Pvt VA line; 25 Oct 1818, 7 Sept 1818; $96; age 77. 
Anderson, James Pvt VA line; 1 Mar 1833; $80; age 72. 
Bates, Humphrey Pvt NC Militia; 6 Aug 1833; $20; age 69. 
Cash, William Pvt VA militia; 23 May 1824; $40; age 81. 
Chasteen, James Pvt VA line; 25 Oct 1819; 7 Sept 1818; $96; age 73. 
Denny, Elijah Pvt NC line; 22 Aug 1833; $60; age 72. 
Craig, William Pvt VA militia; 6 Aug 1833; $20; age 72. 
Dysart, James Capt Rev Army 18 Dec 1806, $120. 
Faris, Moses Pvt VA militia; 16 July 1834; $40; age 75. 
Frost, Micajah Pvt NC militia; 6 Aug 1833; $33.33; age 72. 
Gadd, Thomas Pvt MD militia; 30 May 1833; $20; age 74. 
Gentry, Richard Pvt SC line; 19 Jan 1833; $43.33; age 79. 
Haggard, Henry Pvt VA militia; 11 May 1833; $40; age 76. 
Hamm, John Pvt VA line; 23 Feb 1826; 23 Feb 1826; $96; age 76. 
Harlew, George Pvt VA line; 31 Dec 1833; $50; age 78. 
Johnson, Thomas Pvt. VA militia; 10 July 1834; $20; age 70. 
Lawrence, William Pvt. VA militia; 11 June 1834; $58.76; age 70. 
Moore, William Pvt VA line; 22 Dec 1833; 2 July 1823; $96; age 78. 
Owsley, Thomas Sr Pvt VA line; 5 Mar 1819; 25 Nov 1818; $96; 74; died 3 Nov 1825. 
Pew, Reuben Pvt. NJ line; 31 Dec 1833; $80; age 77. 
Proctor, George Pvt. VA Militia; 31 Oct 1833; $20; age 92. 
Pruett, John Pvt VA line; 6 Sept 1830; 4 Sept 1830; $96; age 80. 
Pumphrey, Peter Pvt. VA state troops; 8 Jan 1834; $80; age 80. 
Ramsey, Francis Dragoon Lee's Legion; 24 Dec 1830; 3 Mar 1826; $100. 
Roberts, Mourning Pvt. VA militia; 9 Aug 1833; $33.33; age 76. 
Scott, Jessie Pvt. NC militia; 30 May 1833; $40; age 72. 
Stevens, James Pvt VA line; 6 Nov 1819; 17 June 1819; $96; age 81. 
Taylor, William Pvt. VA militia; 16 Jan 1833; $20, no age shown. 
Woodall, Charles Pvt. VA militia; 5 Jan 1833; $0, no age shown. 
Woodall, Jesse Sgt & Pvt. MD line; 17 Aug 1833; $21.26; age 84. 

"Craig, Wm" in Rock Castle County, Kentucky is listed on page 268 in Part V: Virginia Pensioners Living Outside Virginia in 1835 in "Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War" by J. T. McAllister, 1913



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